[Update] After a tweet from Xaviant Studio’s Community Manager led to rumors of the studio closing. Xaviant, however, has made an official announcement stating that the studio is in fact still up and running and will continue to despite having to restructure the company which led to layoffs of many of the studios employees. In an official statement on their Facebook page the company said,

As some of you may have heard, Xaviant has gone through a change in size and structure today. We said goodbye to many of our friends and colleagues and wish them the very best.

Why did we do this? It became clear after the last game that the kind of investment we made is simply not sustainable. Despite all the passion and emotional drive you might have on a project you still need to be financially viable. To that end we have brought the studio to a size where it is more manageable, nimble and better suited to make a game that can be deemed a financial success.

Those of us remaining are very excited about what this means for the future despite feeling sad at no longer being able to work with all of the friends we have made. Keep your eyes here though and we will inform you of our new plans when we can. Until then keep our friends in your thoughts and if you know of opportunities, please reach out to them.

Michael McMain
CEO, Xaviant

We will keep you updated with more information as it’s available.


[Original] Xaviant Studios, the developers of Lichdom: Battlemage, is shutting it’s doors after 8 years of business. The news comes from a Tweet sent by Xaviant community manager Josh Olin.

Lichdom: Battlemage released in August 2014 to mixed reviews and didn’t sell well enough to keep the self funded studio up and running. There has been no official announcement from Xaviant about the closure, but their social media accounts have been oddly silent since January.

We will keep you up to date about the Xaviant situation, as well as what will be happening with Lichdom, as the news comes in.

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