Top 10 Games from Game Connection America

I’ve been to countless video game conferences over the past few years, but my recent trip to Game Connection America was truly an incredible experience. While this small industry event lacked the glitz and glamour of other events like E3 or Tokyo Game Show, it was packed with indie developers from all over the world showing off their awesome projects. There were no mega-booths, just developers and publishers as far as the eye could see (which in my mind equates to about 100 yards or .09 kilometers). I saw an incredible number of projects that genuinely impressed me, but there were a select few that really got me excited. From all around the world, here are my…

Top 10 Games from Gamer Connection America 2015!

10. Shards of War

Developer: Bigpoint (Germany)

Platform: PC

Website / Twitter

9. The Perils of Man

Platform: Mobile

Website / Twitter

8. Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders

Developer: Microïds / Anuman Interactive (France)

Platform: PC / PS4 / Mobile

Website / Twitter

7. Shadow Puppeteer

Developer: Sarepta Studio AS (Norway)

Platform: PC / Wii U

Website / Twitter

6. Road to Dragons

Developer: Acquire (Japan)

Platform: Mobile

Website / Twitter

5. Dur

Developer: ZHdK (Switzerland)

Platform: PC / PS4 / PS Vita

Website / Twitter

4. Hue

Developer: Mudvark (United Kingdom)

Platform: PC / PS4 / Xbox One


3. Astebreed

Developer: Active Gaming Media, Inc (Japan)

Platform: PC / PSN

Website / Twitter

2. Mutant League Football

Developer: Digital Dreams Entertainment (United States)

Platform: PC /  Mobile / Xbox Live Arcade

Website / Twitter

1. Typoman

Developer: Brainseed Factory (Germany)

Platform: PC / Wii U / PS4

Website / Twitter

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