“The Glory Goes to the Gory!”

10300022_453131644820297_1962908052036529129_nAh, the good ol’ days. I remember like it was yesterday. Blowing up my brother with Hail Mary bombs (literal bombs), hitting his players so hard they would explode, and watching the replays so I could laugh and enjoy the sweet taste of my brothers utter defeat. Ok, so it was mostly the other way around since my brother was 10 years older than me, but it was still an amazing time nonetheless (though probably more so for him). Well, my friends, the good ol’ days are coming once again when everyone’s favorite football freaks, monsters, and robots return to the field in the upcoming release of Mutant Football League (MFL).

In my recent excursion to the Game Connection America conference in San Francisco, I had the pleasure to talk with the original Creative Director of this series, Michael Mendheim, and see what he had in store for this series’ rebirth. After I finished gushing and geeking out, Michael proceeded to enlighten me on his plan to bring this bloody-hilarious sport back in a big way.

For fans of the original game published by EA for the Sega Genesis, Mutant League Football, it is important for people to understand what this game is and what it isn’t. One of the biggest concerns I’ve heard about this release is that EA might interfere with the development of this game in the same way that they’ve done with many other games recently. Thankfully, this new title, Mutant Football League (not Mutant League Football), is going to be developed and published by Digital Dreams Entertainment and the man who created it all, Michael Mendheim.

With this spiritual successor to the Genesis classic being developed by an independent team, there may be a few concerns, but there is even more to be excited about. The biggest problem facing the development of MFL is the budget. There is a lot that Michael and his team want to accomplish with this new title, but they are restricted by a limited budget. On the flip side of this, because Digital Dreams Entertainment will be developing and publishing the game themselves, Michael and his team are free to let their imaginations run wild and do whatever they want. For fans of the original game, this is what matters the most.

The biggest AAA budget wouldn’t mean a thing if the spirit of this game was diminished. While endless funds may not be freely flowing, Michael and his team have an excellent plan to deliver on what matters most for fans while continuing to deliver even more incredible features far beyond the release of MFL. For Michael and his team, MFL has several goals they’re looking to accomplish, but there are two that are the driving force behind the development of this title: celebrating the spirit of the original release, and honoring the fans who love this series. This is why fans of the series can lay their concerns to rest, and this is why I am so impossibly excited for this game.

In a statement, Michael said,

“It’s the 20th anniversary of the original game, so this is an ideal time to create a new over-the-top football game featuring monsters and mutants for the many fans who have been clamoring for it. The fans have kept their interest in this series alive over the years and we want to reward them for their loyalty.  We are creating a new and very different game that pays homage to classic monster sports, and parodies the owners, coaches, sponsors, and everything else that makes football such a great American sport.”

Games like Madden and the recently deceased NCAA Football have kept football fans entertained over the years, but for fans like myself, nothing quite filled the void of Mutant League Football. There was a time when NFL Blitz kept countless players entertained with over-the-top antics and arcade action, but the game was slowly toned down over the years until it was a watered down shell of its former self. Finally, our gridiron savior is set to return with all the fun, excitement, explosions, and dismembered bodies that we’ve been longing for. I’ve never been this excited for a sports title launch in my life. Mutant Football League is the game that will finally get me back into sports titles.

Check out the trailer, screen shots, overview, and gameplay breakdown of Mutant Football League below, courtesy of MutantFootballLeague.com.

Mutant Football League Game Overview:

This new MFL game is being developed by Digital Dreams Entertainment on the Unity Engine for an early 2016 release on PC/Steam, with plans for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases, followed by mobile versions (iOS, Android).  It is the spiritual successor to 1993 Electronic Arts #1 hit for the Sega Genesis, Mutant League Football.  The combination of monsters, mayhem, and good ol’ gridiron gameplay turned the game into a cult classic that spawned a syndicated cartoon series, a comic, an action figure toy line, and a game sequel called Mutant League Hockey.  Michael Mendheim, the original creator and lead designer of the Mutant League series, is breathing new life into one of the gaming community’s most beloved, and downright brutal, sports-hybrid genres.

Mutants vs. Monsters:

30 vicious teams are made up of a variety of awesome, fully-customizable characters including:  skeleton Deadheads, sentient Battlebots, criminal Aliens, engineered Super-Humans, monstrous Trolls, and mutant Demons. Fans are even helping decide what types of species, how they look, their names, and attributes.

Full Season Mode:

Being a champion never comes easy.  Sacrifices need to be made, and a high body count must be inflicted on your competition.  Manage your teams health as you play a grueling 13 game season to be one of the few teams that survives to compete in the play-offs for a chance to reach the ultimate glory of winning the Mayhem Bowl.

Gridiron Carnage:

10604426_612755315524595_8501702765477706746_oThis is the wildest, goriest, most outrageous football game ever!  Players inflict maximum carnage on the opposition with brass knuckle punches, steel toed kicks, hand grenades, clubs, battle axes, and even chainsaws!  Over the top visual and gore effects include blood splatters, comically horrific deaths, fire effects, exploding body parts, and dismemberment.  Once again, fans will be helping design the types of weapons and how much damage they inflict.

Killer Stadiums:

10450341_597432493723544_7602897408576485318_oThe stadiums are packed with crazed and obnoxious weapon-wielding fans cheering their teams on, but these aren’t a field of dreams… more like a field of screams. Playing fields are strewn with diabolical hazards, booby traps, and debris such as land mines, toxic moats, thin ice, and lava flows.  If the obstacles don’t kill you, the weather probably will.  Watch out for lightning strikes, acid rain, blizzards, and the occasional meteor shower.  No two fields are the same and they’re all deadly!  Fans are also helping name each arena and determine field properties like playing surfaces, available weapons, and hazards.

Dirty Trick Plays:

These are nasty, mean, unfair, and lowdown plays intended to devastate the opposition, and if that doesn’t work, kill them.  Each team has its own set of twisted audibles such as the classic “Bribe the Ref” where you payoff the referee to look the other way, or new additions like “Slash n Bash” where your runningback pulls out a rusty nail-covered club and pounds the defense into submission, and “Ginormous” where your blitzer grows 5-times his normal size – have fun trying to block him!  How many nasty ways are there to kill your opponent?  Who knows?  The fans have already brainstormed some crazy and clever ideas!

MFL All-Star Players:

1495377_389753647824764_2109167326_oThe stars of the league are wisecracking lunks that parody their real-life counterparts with special skills, abilities, weapons, and trash talking.  Some of the personalities that dominate the MFL include Killa Kong Suh, Cam Neutron, Nefarious Thomas, The Shermanator, and Slob Brawnkowski.

​Tongue-Through-Cheek Humor:

A fun, entertaining, and off-the-wall parody of professional American football… with all the excitement, hard-hitting action, lunacy, unspeakable greed, corporate ruthlessness, hypocrisy, and over-the-top egos the NFL has to offer.  And there’s farting at the line of scrimmage.

Customizable Creatures:

Create and name your own team and players, assign players a position, train them with skills and abilities, give them attack moves, add armor and weapons and let them loose on your rival!

Mutant Football League

Homepage: MutantFootballLeague.com

Developer: Digital Dreams Entertainment

Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Platform: Steam, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android

Release Date: Early 2016


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