April is bringing some new content to Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U. The first piece of content is the new DLC pack 2 containing all new Animal Crossing racers and tracks.

animal crossing MK8

This new DLC will bring new racers, new carts, and 2 new cups to the game. The new courses added with the Animal Crossing DLC will feature custom music tracks recorded in studio at Nintendo headquarters and dynamic weather. Each time you play a course, it will be a different season, similar to how the seasons change in Animal Crossing.

In addition to the Animal Crossing DLC, Mario Kart 8 will also be getting something new that no other Mario Kart game has ever had, 200CC races! This new ultra speed level of races will be a free update to the game and will span all courses that are currently available in the game, plus the new Animal Crossing DLC. If you have mastered the 150CC races, it is time to get ready for a whole new challenge on April 23rd.

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