During the PlayStation Experience in December, we learned about a few cool Sony crossovers that would be happening in popular indie games. We learned that Shuhei Yoshida would be making an appearance in Super Capsule Force, but the coolest reveal was that God of War’s Kratos would be coming to Shovel Knight.

Today, David D’Angelo of Yacht Club Games gave us a little update about Shovel Knight vs. Kratos on the PS Blog via some pretty awesome GIFs.

kratos_shovelknight1 kratos_shovelknight2 kratos_shovelknight3

Here is what D’Angelo has to say about Shovel Knight’s encounter with Kratos.

The battle is amped up, befitting the over-the-top nature of God of War. It’s thrilling and exciting, blood-pumping and challenging! But most of all, it has that fun factor, and that humor and levity that you’d expect from Shovel Knight. After all, It’s about time Kratos had his 8-bit debut!

Kratos is a brutal opponent, and it will be awesome to see how the fight against Kratos will turn out.

Do you plan to pick up Shovel Knight on PS4 on April 21st?

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