Star Wars: Battlefront is probably the biggest thing that will be debuting at Star Wars Celebration this year, unless an awesome Force Awakens trailer drops as well.

The big celebration is set to kick off tomorrow, April 16th, so that means today, April 15th is when the crew members are busy at work finishing up builds for booths, stages, and all the other cool things that will be seen at the convention center.

It seems like one behind the scenes member snapped a pretty awesome photograph of the Star Wars: Battlefront banner while setting up, and the image somehow made its way to Reddit, of course.


I have to say, this is one of the coolest looking posters I have ever seen. I would definitely want to hang that somewhere in my place. Anyway if we take a close look at the image, we can see a ton of cool things. You have AT-ATs and AT-STs making thier way through a destroyed battlefield, probably after a battle, with one lonely Rebel trooper standing strong with his blaster at his side. If you look in the sky you will clearly see TIE fighters and X-Wings going at it in a space battle, as well as 2 star destroyers on either side of the image. The airborne fighters may hint at full blown space battles being present in this game like they were in Battlefront 2.

The planet that all of this is taking place on is had to make out, but it doesn’t look like Hoth, which was featured in the first trailer for Battlefront. There are rivers of lava running all through the image, which will lead many fans to think that this could be Mustafar, the planet where Obi Wan and Anakin fought each other in Episode 3, but there are 2 other planets that could fit the description seen above, Uphrades and Orin.

Which ever planet it is will likely be shown during the gameplay reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront during the celebration.

All in all, this is definitely the best image we have seen since Star Wars: Battlefront was announced.

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