For the upcoming crossover title Etrian Mystery Dungeon Atlus wanted to make sure you were all aware of the free content available for a limited time. When Etrian Mystery Dungeon releases on April 7th you’ll have access to all available DLC for free! The offer stands until May 5th and then after that you’ll have to purchase the DLC. The content consists of five additional quests that have various bonuses for the game. Also beginning today there is an Etrian Mystery Dungeon theme available on eShop which features scrolling character art (hand-drawn and in 3D) the main theme, and has custom folders.

Additionally here are two more trailers featuring the Wanderer class, able to find hidden paths, and utilize skills that are highly effective against insects, plants, animals, and dragons.

Then the Hexer class utilizes skills in debuffing your enemies. Poisoning them, or binding their limbs in place is their specialty.

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