There are plenty of Tycoon like games in which you have to run any number of businesses. Whether it be a Game Company or Theme Park, we get to have our hands in watching development and progress happen before our very eyes. Although, what would it be like to actually be apart of that development process? Without the frustrations of debugging thousands of lines of code or getting the animation of a 3d model just right, why not play while watching something be created? This is where Chroma Squad from Behold Studios comes into play. It’s a game in which you’ll play out the story of an upcoming indie Power Rangers inspired tv show.

You are in control of upgrading the studio and how the action plays out for each episode, all while trying to hit the director’s tasks, eg: hit the maximum amount of viewers possible and become the most popular show in town. Right out the gate Chroma Squad is very different in comparison to Game Dev Tycoon, especially since it plays as a Turn Based Strategy game.


It doesn’t take long for your team to dive into the action, but these goons are easily taken care of!

Chroma Squad begins with you learning the ropes from your previous director and studio. It turns out that your crew thinks they can do a much better job on their own and have even more fun with it, so you and your team whimsically decide to leave and start your own company. You name the company, set up the name of the studio, and select your cast each with different stats to compliment the team in some way.

The goal is to gain as many fans as you can without dropping your fan count to zero, which in the first two difficulties seems like an easy task, but play on the hardest difficulty and you might have some trouble keeping a proper fanbase each episode.


As time goes on your team gets into more climatic battles, with even better looking special effects and gear!

Again, Chroma Squad is a turn based strategy title at its core. It plays out in a very simplistic way as you’ve come to know from the genre. The added twist of teamwork abilities makes the combat more interesting. Using teamwork, you’ll be able to gang up on one powerful enemy with a big attack or toss an ally to another part of the stage so as not to use up their second action. Each turn plays out with you sending a character to a point on the map and they can either attack or setup for a teamwork ability. There is a chance of dodging and counter attacking. So the fights aren’t always a point and click. Your characters can have abilities that will give different effects depending upon which character they are. The Techie for example gives debuffs to enemies, the Support character will heal any adjacent allies when going into a teamwork stance, and the scout gains an additional move space. Then of course add weapons into the mix to gain additional attack options. Then lastly you have the option of transforming, or Chromatizing, into your Super Powered suits. It gives you a boost in power, and regens your health, and makes all your abilities available for use. The characters will need to be equipped with gear in a very RPG like fashion. Whether it’s crafted or purchased there is plenty of gear to get your Super Team ready for any sort of action. The very surface of Chroma Squad is very simple, but there are plenty of intricacies and nuances that make it a very well fleshed out SRPG.


So much weaponry to choose from to create the ultimate team of heroes!

In any Power Rangers like television show, you absolutely MUST have some form of giant robot action. So of course there is just such action in Chroma Squad. The battles play out like little quick time events; you will hit your opponent repeatedly creating a combo. The likelihood of your attack hitting its mark will decrease the more hits you put into it, if it misses you’re put into a defend phase in which you must time your block perfectly to receive the least amount of damage. You also have varying abilities that will affect the boss monster in different ways, either it will do more damage, or create a negative effect for them. Your mecha’s parts will determine what abilities you’ll have to choose from. These parts are crafted in studio much like your suits and gear.

mecha fight

Mecha Punching a giant zombie overkill? We don’t think so!

Chroma Squad‘s story is rather cheesy, but in a good way, as most television shows of its source material are. However, it’s lighthearted fun that makes it interesting, there is a darker more sinister plot underneath. The indie studio that you run goes through the usual tropes of trying to kick off a successful television show. Yet they also need to tackle legal situations, people that have dentist appointments, and letters from fans. All of which is responded to with an episode that you record revolving around that particular obstacle for the crew. The story also gives an easy transition to different scenarios to up the ante to increase viewership. Whether a guest star appears to enter the foray, or a change of scenery entirely, so many typical evil villain scenarios come up to give a different feel or pace to each episode. While the scenarios within each episode you don’t have control of, you do however have control of the RPG aspect of the title. So answering letters with a particular response can effect your viewership. Handling PR work, advertising companies, purchasing upgrades, everything has an effect on how well your show will actually do amongst its fans. It all needs to fall within your company’s budget too; each episode needs to bring in a particular amount of cash in order to keep up with all the upgrades, and boosts your studio uses. Not to mention continually upgrading equipment for your team.


Setting up how your show is going to hit the masses is actually a fairly easy process in Chroma Squad!

It’s been a long time coming for Chroma Squad‘s release, and now that its out the title has been well worth the wait. Although the game starts out really simple, in no time you’ll have a super powered team filled with witty quips and remarks that really makes them and the game special. It isn’t your Fire Emblem, or Tactics Ogre, but it is an easy jump into the genre of SRPG. While the addition of mecha combat is a plus for me as everyone knows by this point, it resonates with me even more so the simplicity of the SRPG that Chroma Squad is. I also appreciate how drop in drop out the game is, with episodes playing out in brief fifteen minutes or more you’ll easily beat it and then move on with your day. There isn’t really a need to stay invested in the game to remember where you left off, which is certainly not a bad thing as the game is so lighthearted and fun that you’ll still keep at it for hours on end.

Chroma Squad - Review
The Good
  • Simple to pick up and Play
  • Deep mechanic system
  • Plenty of Stylish abilities to learn and use
The Bad
  • Cheesy story
9Overall Score
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