With the recent reveal of Call of Duty: Fast Cash– I mean Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, some of my acquaintances and I couldn’t help but feel the whole desolate, war-torn, dismal future setting is beginning to feel quite stale. While it used to set the stage for some very memorable moments in games it’s beginning to feel like some one left a turd in the punch bowl, kind of like when E3 rolls around and the only phrase developers seem to be able to spew out is ‘next gen’. I digress, we aren’t here to discuss the problems of the gaming universe, for now we’ll have to settle for some non bleak future setting games.

Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360, PS3)

Since I’m in the mood to talk about things I’m not particularly fond of I don’t have high hopes for the Suicide Squad movie. And for a fan of well done Joker and Harley-Quinn portrayals, which for all intensive purposes Suicide Squad appears to be lacking at this point, what better way to take out those frustrations than to beat Joker and the rest of Batman’s foes to a bloody pulp? Batman’s first true open world experience brings hours of enjoyment and tons of easter eggs for die hard Dark Knight fans. (Side note- now that I think about it Injustice: Gods Among Us and Arkham City have been the only times in recent memory that I’ve like a Harley Quinn portrayal). Grab your cape and talk like you have a mouth full of gravel for as low as seven dollars.


Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4)

I know what you’re thinking “ Hey idiot you said there’d be no bleak future settings”, but I really do not consider Borderlands 2 to have a bleak setting. I mean yeah Handsome Jack is a dick who tries to kill all the vault hunters by summoning some ancient creature that’s a pain in the sack to kill but it’s nothing compared to the ravages of war, corporations trying to take over the world and genocide that seem to be the main focus of games now a days.

I only recently finished this game, and while I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped it was still a pleasant experience overall. The jokes were moderately amusing, the weapons as always are top notch (once you find decent ones that is), there were moments that were rewarding for players of the original ( R.I.P. Blood Wing), my only problem was that the cast of playable characters didn’t seem to stand out as much as the original cast did. I honestly couldn’t tell you their names outside of Maya and Zero. They felt rather faceless as opposed to innovative like later DLC characters were. Tiny Tina though, she was an enjoyable side character. Hunt for loot with friends, and stop the plague that is Handsome Jack for as low as six dollars.

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(From left to right) Spikey Haired Short Guy, Maya, Zero, White Roland

State of Decay ( Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Perhaps one of my favorite zombie/survival games to have ever graced my eyes with it’s game play, State of Decay brings about a mechanic not often seen in console gaming; permanent character death. That’s right, if you mess up and die that character is gone forever. Which can prove to make achievements for the game a little tricky to get considering some of them require you to build up a characters skill to max level and if your only character who has that skill dies your S.O.L. buddy. I had to restart the game twice because I only spent the time building up two characters and they both died horrific deaths. I kind of crashed at high speeds into a house and blew up my male character. While my female survivor, whom I’m convinced had a doctorate in badassery, was eaten alive thanks to a renegade hoard who got the drop on me. However if you’re not a complete dingus like me the wastelands of State of Decay are a pleasant, slaughter filled game that you can pick up for twenty dollars across all retailers for the Xbox 360 and thirty dollars for the re-released Xbox One version.


Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion (Xbox 360, PS3)

Ever wanted to see the Power Puff Girls have a gang fight with Grim, Hoss Delgado, Billy and Mandy? Well what my seem like a stoner’s poorly written fan fic plot is now a reality thanks to Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion. In a zany fighter that reeks of imitation Super Smash Bros. various Cartoon Network characters duke it out in a moderately enjoyable fashion. Venture into this fictional fight club for as low at thirteen bucks depending on your console of choice.


Child of Light (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3)

I can honestly say this game took me completely by surprise. When I first heard about this wonderfully engaging Turn Based RPG I will openly admit that I felt Ubisoft was going to have another bad game like they had with Assassin’s Creed III. However upon picking the game up via Games for Gold a few months back I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was dead wrong. Up until South Park: Stick of Truth I hadn’t given Turn Based RPGs a second glance but thanks to it’s fantastically written story and superb game play I have to say I’m becoming more of a fan to the genre. After experiencing several hours of what Child of Light has to offer I highly recommend picking it up for those on the fence about Turn Based gaming. It isn’t an overly complicated story, Princess wakes up in a whole new dimension and learns new abilities and meets several intriguing allies that help her on her quest to get home. The most entertaining part of it all is about 99% of the dialog is written with an end rhyme scheme. Meaning the last word for at least two sentenced rhyme. It adds an almost child like whim to the story that makes it all the more memorable.


Rumble Roses XX (Xbox 360, PS3)

I never played the PlayStation 2 release of Rumble Roses, but I do plan on getting Rumble Roses XX for my Xbox 360 one of these days. Not only because it features buxom beauties fighting and bouncing around and the fact that I just finished Injustice: Gods Among Us and am on a fighting game kick. But because I feel like it could actually be a decent experience. From what I understand it’s a game about an all female wrestling league (federation?), which if that doesn’t get your attention I really don’t know what will. Add the fact that it isn’t a cranked out, ill prepared WWE or TNA game and I’m pretty much sold on the idea. I’m going to be snagging this game for four dollars at GameStop but if you don’t like to give money to them you can get the game on Amazon for as little as nine dollars. Or go talk to that creepy kid in your neighborhood who only plays games with overly sexualized female characters, he might have a copy… or three.


Behold! The least offensive image I could find when Googling this game!

GameStop’s Mystery Grab Bag (Xbox 360)

Think of this as playing Russian Roulette with video games. Instead of risking getting a permanent new facial and on setting rigamortis, the worst that could happen is getting a duplicate game you already own. The concept breaks down like this give GameStop twenty bucks and they send you four games worth forty to seventy dollars. That’s a pretty sweet deal considering you can get four fantastic games for less than the price of a brand new one.

So ends another Games for Budget Gamers. We laughed, you cried, that odd guy you barely know from work threw up in my house plants, time well spent talking about one of the only topics that brings joy to this world. If you have any games to recommend playing instead of focusing on Call of Duty: Cash Grab– sorry, Black Ops 3 please let me know in the comments below.

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