If you’re a fan of Universal amusement parks and Nintendo you might want to slap together a trip jar and start saving. Today, Nintendo broke the news that they intend to develop “spectacular, dedicated experiences” at Universal theme parks around their beloved worlds and characters.

Anyone who remembers Nintendo’s annual earnings call where they first saw themselves in the green since 2011. But more importantly in the call Nintendo showed an interest in actively expanding the licensing of its closely guarded intellectual property to third-party companies.

While specifics remain shady for the moment, with neither Nintendo nor Universal opting to provide a timeline. At this point we don’t have any sort of inkling towards what “interactive experiences” might be, but at least we’ll recognize the characters.

Fingers crossed for a Pokemon Safari Zone or some kind of F-Zero kart thing. Maybe a Star Fox or Metroid moving shooting gallery type thing like the Men in Black or Toy Story ride.

What sort of crazy ‘interactive experiences’ would you like to see Nintendo create at Universal?

source: Nintendo

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