Blizzard’s brand new MOBA Heroes of the Storm just released on June 2nd and the company is already preparing to release a new content update for the game. The Eternal Conflict is a Diablo based update for the game that will introduce 1 new Hero and 1 new map to the game.

The new Hero is a Melee Assassin named The Butcher, and the new map is the Battlefield of Eternity. Battlefield of Eternity is a 2 lane map with an immortal deathmatch map event. Heroes will assist their immortal in the battle, and whichever team wins the battle will be joined on the field by their immortal.

The Eternal Conflict update will enter play testing on June 23rd and is expected to release a week later on June 30th.

The event was live streamed via YouTube and Twitch, but don’t fret if you didn’t catch it. You can see the full event and get all the information first hand from the YouTube video below.

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