The Legend of Legacy, the newest game from FuRyu, a company made up on industry giants Masato Kato, Masataka Matsuura and Tomomi Kobayashi, will be coming to the West later this year courtesy of Atlus. The game will be released physically and digitally in North and South America for $39.99 and will feature some new tweaks not featured in the original Japanese release.

The game is a traditional turn-based JRPG that features seven playable characters that can be put into different groups of three. The story follows the explorers as they travel to the mysterious island of Avalon which appeared out of nowhere one day in the middle of the ocean. Each character has their own reasons for visiting the island, whether it’s riches, fame or to uncover the mysteries within. After arriving, they find a stone that makes ghosts appear and attack them.

The characters are never linked to one singular class and can bounce back and forth between different roles at any given time depending on their formation. For the Western release, FuRyu took feedback from the Japanese version to tweak and re-balance the gameplay to make it more dynamic and interesting for the player.

The Legend of Legacy will be released later this year exclusively on the 3DS.

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