Something funny has been going on with Bravado Gaming this year, as they have decided to cut yet more of their pro gaming players. The players to exit left stage this time is the entirety of Bravado Blue.

Andreas ‘cent’ Hadjipascali says that this is, “One of the hardest things that we’ve had to do, especially after building such a good personal relationship with each and every one of the players.”

The decision to disband the South African team was not a personal one, and the team manager/owner stresses that this had, “Nothing to do with the performance or capability of Bravado Blue… There is no doubt that the squad is of top class and I would highly recommend them to ay South African gaming organization that is willing to support them.”

Fans are obviously confused and agitated at Bravado Blue being dropped from their lineup, but anyone who understands the business side of things can see what’s going on. It’s understandable to drop one of the lesser teams, despite the 2014 Do Gaming Champions being an excellent team. Splitting up sponsorships and attention between two different teams can be counter-productive from a business standpoint. So it’s easy to believe Bravado Gaming when they stated that this is strictly a business decision. By being able to put more resources towards just one team, they have a better chance at a bright future.


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