Evil Geniuses has faced troubles in the past, with their two best players leaving the team to join Team Secret in January after the Dota 2 team began showing signs of finally falling the pieces. Those two players were to be replaced by SumaiL and Aui_2000, with SumaiL being the star of Dota 2 – The International 2015 as being one of Evil Geniuses best players at only 16 years old. Last year they only made it to third place at The International, but this year they established themselves as the first American team to win the Grand Finals as Champions. Big props to Australian commentator TobiWan for making this a truly exciting event for everyone to watch.

Evil Geniuses (2) v. LGD Gaming (0)

Game 1 started out with viewers thinking players were playing defensively until things began heating up 10-11 minutes in. LGD maintained a slight lead over EG, though both frequently traded kills in the near constant battling. It wasn’t until the 24 minute mark when EG won an important fight just outside of LGD’s stronghold that they finally pulled a one kill lead. Evil Geniuses pulled back to get necessary objectives and items, but they were soon back to take down outer towers and lay pressure onto LGD . While LGD Gaming was able to keep up a solid defense, they began having trouble with moving onto the offensive as EG continuously pushed them back. Evil Geniuses stormed into LGD’s stronghold 38 minutes in, a little too overzealous if you ask me, but LGD’s defense held true and they were pushed out. This only strengthened EG’s resolve, as they were back multiple times to take out objectives. They eventually won around 55 minutes.
Game 2 was much more of a back and forth between the two teams. At first it appeared that EG would be taking another win with aggressive maneuvers and skillful play, LGD Gaming won a couple of key battles mid and late game that seemed to reignite their confidence. They shoved EG back harder and showed us that they were a team that excelled at team fighting, gaining a 6 kill and 5k net worth lead by 38 minutes. This only lasted so long, though, as EG led LGD into a trap at 44 minutes and wiped out 4 of the 5 team members before running towards the base to take out a tower and damage a barrack. They returned a few minutes later for a fireworks show of synergy and teamwork to destroy LGD’s Ancient and move on to the Grand Finals.

CDEC (1) v. Evil Geniuses (3)

After game 1 being boiled down to an aggressive charge from EG that wiped their opponents, game 2 saw CDEC make a complete comeback. They chose a very offensive tactic in game 2 that matched EG’s zealous play, while the American team almost seemed to drag their feet in the beginning. It wasn’t until mid game that they upped their game and, despite it feeling too late, they definitely did give CDEC a run for their money. CDEC simply out played their opponents and gained control of the map around 30 minutes in and was able to storm Evil Geniuses’ stronghold to take the win at 39 minutes.

The first half of game 3 was looking very promising for CDEC until E, again, jumpstarted their offensive and refused to be pushed around. About 30 minutes in Evil Geniuses was able to gain a kill and net worth lead, and the game suddenly didn’t look so close to being over. It became a very heated back and forth game that eventually turned in EG’s favor around the 53 minute mark as they won a critical battle just outside of CDEC’s base. They pushed onward to take out a turret and damage CDEC’s barracks before chased back to their own territory. CDEC tried to do something similar to EG but, after killing four of the five players on CDEC, they rushed back to CDEC’s base and destroyed their Ancient.

Game 4 started out very slow, and understandably so. CDEC didn’t want to play too recklessly to accidentally hand EG their final win, and EG didn’t want to do the same thing and go to a 5th game. It wasn’t until 9 minutes that first blood was drawn by SumaiL, who was on Storm Spirit. CDEC wasn’t able to keep up with Evil Geniuses’ momentum as they took control of the map and consistently beat their opponents back. EG skillfully ran into CDEC’s stronghold to take out towers and barracks, slaughtered the opposing team at 39 minutes and became Dota 2’s The International 2015 champions.

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