Square Enix, publisher of many beloved games such a Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, has announced their financial performance for this quarter, which was indeed a strong one for them.

Revenue had jumped 12 percent with ¥42.2 billion, from ¥37.8 billion during the same quarter last year. Their profits rose even higher by 76 percent, from ¥3.4 billion to ¥5.9 billion for the latest period.

Digital Entertainment, the company’s dedicated game unit had posted their net sales ¥30.3 billion, up 29.2 percent in comparison with their previous year. Their operating income was ¥8.2 billion which was a massive increase by 81.6 percent.

A lot of Square Enix’s success has been attributed to PC and mobile gaming. Home console sales, as far as new games sales, fell compared to last year. However, catalogue sales “gained favorable results” the company said.


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