Welp, it looks like the Destiny players who were lucky enough to have the game’s most desired heavy weapon randomly drop are about to feel less special. That’s right folks, Xur, the hooded merchant offering Exotic weapons, engrams, and armor, is selling the Gjallarhorn.



This is great news for people who don’t already own the rocket launcher and have been ignored by ‘Gjallarhorn Only’ groups on work around matchmaking websites like Destiny LFG. You can pick up the coveted weapon for 17 Strange Coins.

Xur is lurking at the bar near the Jukebox now until Sunday 4am EST. The other items he’s brought with him are the Warlock’s helmet Light Beyond Nemesis,  Titan’s helmet An Insurmountable Skullfort, and Achlyopahge Symbiote for Hunters for 13 Strange Coins each.

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