One of the Resident Evil‘s series more popular titles is getting the remaster treatment, Resident Evil Zero. Some gameplay of that was released by Capcom and the game looks beautiful. The backgrounds and details have been polished so clean and smooth it’s hard to think this was a pre-next-gen console game. Well, except for one aspect, see if you can find it while watching:

Seems like the only thing they didn’t fix was the character handling. Everyone still moves around like Frankenstein’s monster when he is first given life. Also the awful camera angles that don’t let the player see anything, although most argue that adds to the terror factor, seems to be sticking around. Those things aside, the game has been seriously upgraded. Environmental objects like slumped over corpses look more real than the old grey looking blob monsters adding a deeper, more frightening level of creepiness to the game and its intended tone.

Resident Evil Zero was even given a full “Wesker Mode” that lets fans play the full game as Wesker with all his crazy abilities. His charge up grunt may get a little repetitive but zapping monsters and zombies with mind bullets is pretty awesome.

On Amazon Resident Evil Zero is marked for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC with no release date or price. Stay Tuned here at Gamer Assault Weekly for those updates and all your gaming needs.


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