GungHo Online Entertainment America, Inc. has come to partner with the Electronic Sports League to organize the Puzzle & Dragons International Championship for the Super Mario Bros. Edition. I didn’t know they held international events for this either, but when you had The Wordies trending on Twitter… I’m not so much surprised as I am excited to see how heated something like this can get.

Entry is actually surprisingly simple, as all you need to do is submit a photo of yourself holding your Nintendo 3DS. In the photo you have to include a verification of your identity, the date and your high score in Score Attack Hard Mode. By “High Score,” it is explained that the minimum score required to enter is a C.

Once registration has closed there will be twelve regular competitors selected and four community representatives, for a total of sixteen competitors. Each competitor must be at least 13 years of age, be from the US or Canada with a valid passport, have a legitimate friend code and have a copy of Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition.

The contestants chosen will be flown to California to compete at the Electronic Sports League Gaming Studios in the regional qualifiers. Those who place first and second at each Regional Qualifier will be flown to Japan for the Wild Card tournament, which will be used to narrow down contestant numbers for the International Championship finals. If you are under 18, you will need a legal guardian to travel with you and attend both events.

Airfare and lodging will be provided and organized by GungHo and ESL. If you are interested in registering, of want to learn all of the nitty gritty details, you can do so here.

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