Oh the joys of October. I get to drink pumpkin flavored coffee until I yak, I’m not considered weird when I show up places covered in a suspicious red fluid while dressed like my favorite Sons of Anarchy character, and my favorite benefit of October, all the blood and gore my favorite genre can bring me. Below are some horror games to get you in the mood for ole hallows eve, that’s Halloween for all you common folk.
Five Nights at Freddy’s (PC, Mobile Devices)

Say whatever you will about the series, Five Nights as Freddy’s has a huge fan base. It has this way of feeding on those odd fears most of us had as kids when our parents took us to Chuck E. Cheese and those emotionless dead eyed animatronics would stare at us as we forced down the abomination they called pizza. Then again that could have just been my own paranoia acting up, in any light Five Nights at Freddy’s never fails to scare. I’d bank that the games only notable flaws are the fact that if you play it for too long you kind of become numb to the jump scares and they don’t have the same power they previously had. The only one that remained scary throughout is the fourth game but I maintain that is because a vast majority of the game is pure darkness and you can’t see the monster until they are all up in your Pop Tarts. Get the series now, starting at the price of five dollars.

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Saw (Multiplatform)

This game isn’t scary in the typical sense of dread horror games try to build up. What made this game an okay experience, was the sense of anxiety built up by having to do simple tasks. Allow me to elaborate, simply walking down the hallway to a door was a terror filled shuffle. Jigsaw is a sadistic S.O.B. in the movies but the part that scared me most venturing through the game was the random trip mines that you only had about a split second to notice before you were picking buckshot out of you forehead. And I swear, every single damned time the shotgun went off I jumped five feet off my couch and yelped like a small child. The best part of it though was that you could use the shot guns to your advantage. If Jigsaw’s other trapped contestants or Azazel forbid Pighead comes sprinting at you looking to make your ass a hat, you can trick him into running into the shot gun and taking heavy damage (Pighead takes three shots so just reset the trap once you gain the ability). The easiest way to see if a door has trip wires hooked up to it is to press the character against the wall nearest the door way and angle the camera towards the door. The light should reflect off the wire allowing you to keep breathing for a little while longer. The game is only thirteen bucks and I highly recommend grabbing a copy if you are a fan of the Saw series, it’s a nice little additive to the overall universe.

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Slender: The Arrival (Multiplatform)

Games like Slender and Five Nights at Freddy’s certainly have what I like to refer to as ‘an expiration date’. Which basically means they are really hyped up and talked about incessantly for months or in Five Nights at Freddy’s case years, then just sort of die out and are usually only brought up in Halloween articles or the occasional horror themed article. Be that as it is, that doesn’t delude from the fact that while they are relevant they do give some hellacious scares. Personally good ole Slendy never made me jump, but his vessel with the hoody and messed up face made me scream so loud my mom came sprinting in just to check that I hadn’t been seriously hurt. That may partially be because of the slight phobia I have of pale faced girls with six in claws that sprint after me in the darkness, regardless it was frightening. I recommend picking the game up and playing on the hardest difficulty because she is down right relentless in her hunt for you. Grab it now for only fifteen bucks.

Slender-The-Arrival-2013-06-24-12-53-23-42 (1)

Screw all of this!!!

The Suffering: Ties That Bind (PS2, XBOX, PC)

I don’t recall ever actually owning this game, but I was able to play a really enthralling demo of the game before a move scratched the disk so much I was concerned that a cat had somehow got into our packed media materials. I remember the demo being filled with gratuitous amounts of blood and violence, which I rather enjoyed at the time. The grizzly anti hero that is Torque ( the lovable, violent death row inmate from the first game) travels back to his home town after the events of the first game and fights some of the most nightmare fuel, hellish creatures I have ever seen in any horror medium. I’m getting a new PC soon and you can bet your double barrel I’ll be grabbing this game for a cool fifteen bones.


No More Room In Hell (PC)

When there’s No More Room In Hell, the dead will, get killed in yet another zombie game. Terrible half brained, movie based jokes aside, the game is so much more than just a mod. The fast paced cooperative game is an homage to George Romero’s old zombie movies. This is another game I look forward to nabbing on Steam once I Frankenstein my new PC into existence. Speaking of nabbing the game, it runs the devilishly appealing price of absolutely nothing! Be warned though the initial game is free but all the yummy DLC and add-ons will run you ten bucks. It wouldn’t do the game justice to try to explain it so I implore you please go watch some videos of it on YouTube. It is a highly enjoyable experience.

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White Noise Online (Xbox 360, PC)

This game was on the now deceased Xbox Live Indie section of the marketplace when I grabbed it for just a buck. The best part of the game is when your friends join you and the game turns from being a run of the mill Slender clone to being your own personal horror film. One of the handful of times I played this my friends and I screamed our heads off more than I can count. While we were walking around a creepy museum collecting the tapes that seemed to be our only objective, my buddy Rex let out a cry that it was behind us. We all ended up sprinting in different directions. A time later I regrouped with Rex when we bumped into each other around a corner. Seconds later our other friend screamed that it was in the room on the other side of the compound with him. We sprinted there expecting to see that he was gone, but we instead regrouped and tried to push on. Seconds later it just appeared behind Rex and killed him on the spot. As Rex screamed our other friend left me high and dry. Eventually we were all dead and were at the menu laughing and making fun of each other. I recommend grabbing some buddies and getting the game now for six bucks on Steam for the perfect Halloween freight.


Tricks, Treats, and now several games that are frightfully cheap! What more could you want before you eat yourself into a chocolatey coma this Halloween? If you have any horror based games for this month to share with the class (I did cut about four from the article) please let your voice be heard in the comments below.

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