Rooster Teeth Productions has come a long way since it began in early 2004. Recently they took the jump from making videos inside video games to making a video game based on one of thier own world renowned series. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse was talked about several times last year by the company and has now hit Steam Greenlight!

The game is set to be a four player hack and slash style game with a little bit of MOBA characteristics sprinkled in. RWBY:GE will also boast a brand new story, branching character skill trees, several new enemy types and locations not seen in the show as well as a new villain! The game was also spoken of last year as being made for consoles, however no mention of exactly when was made. So for now, if you’re as excited about the game as I am, head over to the link below and vote yes for RWBY: Grimm Eclipse and check out the trailer below for more info about the game.

Find it on Steam Greenlight and check out the RT Journal.


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