Halo 5: Guardians developer’s, over at 343 Industries, have announced that their new DLC will be dropping soon. There is a lot coming to fans and things that they have definitely been waiting for.

In a Halo Waypoint blog post, 343 said that the next Halo 5 “content drop” will be approaching in “just over a week.” It stands to say that the most substantial addition will be the return of the famous 8v8 Big Team Battle, for Arena multiplayer. This will also add new REQ packs for fans. Players will be able to fight across four new Big Team Battle maps, some of which were actually designed by members of the Halo 5 community using Halo 5’s Forge tools (which will arrive for everyone in December). These maps were designed to represent some of the fan favorites of past Halo games.

Take a look at the screen caps for these four maps:

Deadlock (Influenced by Standoff)

Basin (Influenced by Valhalla)

Guillotine (Influenced by Headlong)

And finally Recurve (Influenced but Longbow)

343 also through in a teaser poster for all the new REQs being added. Only some are highlighted and more will be filled in soon so keep your eye out for that.

Halo 5 designers, Chris King and and Scott Sims, have also been developing an update on the controllers. Some players have been experiencing a bug called the “slow turn” bug. In which your Spartan can turn fast and aim in one direction but have become slow as molasses turning the other way. 343 is currently working on a fix for this problems that very few fans are having. They want to make sure everyone gets the same 60fps shooter experience, and it should be delivered soon. Also there is a more to the controller update and there will be new controller options coming as well.

“One thing that has become clear in absorbing all your feedback is that Halo players want choice when it comes to controls. And with that in mind, we are also working on another little pet project that will allow even more precise tuning. This update will offer more custom fine-tuned control over controller settings (hint: independent vertical/horizontal sensitivities, the ability to calibrate your own dead zones, more granularity in sensitivity, and more). We hope to have that out for you in December and we will follow up with more details later.”

Halo 5: Guardians’ DLC will be dropping soon for fans with no official date as of yet. Stay tuned here at Gamer Assault Weekly for more Halo 5 updates and for all your gaming needs.

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