Joining the number of organizations that have been scouting for players over the past month, Flipside3 Tactics has announced that they have successfully formed a team for Blizzard’s Overwatch.

The game brought a ton of attention to itself with its potential to be a highly competitive game, and many eSports organizations have been looking at Team Fortress 2 players to form their own rosters due to the games’ similarities. Flipsid3’s lineup isn’t too far from that, with about half of the players being from the TF2 scene.

“After initially meeting with the team and hearing about each of their different gaming backgrounds, I was very excited,” said team manager Michael Bramley, “We’re looking forward to our first public showing and making a splash in the emerging competitive Overwatch scene.”

The current Overwatch starter lineup is as follows:

Aleksander “alex” Kondratovich
Anton “Fabio” Gorelov
Stepan “Godspeed” Serov
Aleksandr “JU7TSU” Kikkas
Kiryl “Shyyou” Nikalayenka
Aleksandr “Zun” Zub

While not holding a starter position, Dmitry “Dikker” Borisenkov has also been signed to the roster as an official substitute.

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