Another playlist update is on the way for all of us Gears of War fans! With their recently updated playlist removing some fan favorite game modes, The Coalition has announced it will be launching yet another playlist update on November 20th. You can see TC Octus’ statement about the new playlist below.

“Hello Gears fans, 
We wanted to provide an update on some new playlist changes we’re bringing to Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on November 20th 2015. 
We are constantly looking at a combination of player feedback and our own data to help inform decisions on the future of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Since our Playlist Refresh, we’ve been monitoring your feedback about the changes which have helped inform some new changes coming this Friday. 
We have heard the desire from some of our fans to have a way to play Hill modes in a social environment, and the benefits that King of The Hill can provide as a Hill mode experience. 
As such, King of the Hill will be returning this Friday. 
• King of the Hill will be located in the ‘Social’ category as a permanent playlist 
• The XP value will match the previous competitive XP rate for King of the Hill 
• Leaderboards will be available (your previous Competitive KOTH Leaderboard entries will be included) 
• Blitz will remain our competitive based hill mode 
We are also excited to share we have made some improvements to our Map Rotation system. 
• We have increased the chances fan favorite maps will appear in the random map rotation. This provides the opportunity for us to improve the matchmaking experience without reducing the map count further.  
• Given some of the issues around the already removed maps (Bullet Marsh, Rooftops, Garden) in certain respawn game modes, we will not be returning these to the cycle at this time. 
Additionally, this weekend is a Special Event weekend! Keep an eye out for Brothers to the End (Execution) appearing this Friday– Monday. 
Thanks again to all our fans for your continued support and feedback. We’ll see you online.”

Since it’s release on August 25th, Gears of War UE has seen a massive growth in players around the world. This will be The Coalition’s second big playlist update, as per the feedback of the forum community. If you would like to help shape the next playlist update, head over to the Gears of Wars Forums and use your Xbox Live ID to sign in and begin posting.

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