With Blizzcon having drawn to a close, marking the end of the 2015 Heroes of the Storm season, fans are sitting back to watch the post-season shuffle take place. Tempo Storm appears to be the team to kick things off, after a less than spectacular performance at the championship, as they have announced that Taylor “Arthelon” Eder and Christopher “Zuna” Buetcher are no longer a part of their Heroes lineup.

The report surprises little to no one that had been paying attention to the team, as Tempo Storm’s HotS squad made a show of their disdain for one another in their Town Hall broadcast late last month. It was made clear that multiple players were on sour terms with one another, some going so far as to say that just being in the same general vicinity of each other was unpleasant. The team was unable to make any roster changes until after Worlds, as per Blizzard’s rules, so fans knew they were to expect a roster change once the championship was over.

None of the players released an official statement in the press release, which was relatively generic in a sense that it’s obvious the organization had no interest in giving the team’s internal conflicts any more light than what had already been shed:

“Tempo Storm has achieved a lot with Zuna and Arthelon, including a long streak of first-place finishes in all major tournaments throughout much of 2015, and an appearance on the international stage at the very first Heroes of the Storm World Championships.

During their time with Tempo Storm, Zuna and Arthelon demonstrated great skill and passion, and we are confident they will thrive in another environment. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors, and look forward to seeing their upcoming accomplishments.”

As of right now there is no word on who will be replacing the two, or whether or not the players have begun looking into new teams to join.

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