Team SoloMid has announced that they have added Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim to their League of Legends lineup. In traditional TSM and Yliliang “Doublelift” Peng fashion, the announcement was made in the form of a comedic video.

“It may be surprising to you, considering the fact that there is a rivalry between EU and NA, but the reasons of why I decided to join TSM are because I’m a player that has always wanted to play at the highest level,” he said in the video, “And look at the roster this year, I know it is going to be a very promising one. As a team we would like to be the best in our regions.”

The roster change means that his time with Fnatic is coming to a close, after joining the organization back in January of 2013. Known for being one of two players that has qualified for the World Championships, with the other player ironically being Marcus “Dyrus” Hill, YellOwStaR has been an active player in the League of Legends professional scene since 2010. Before League, he played Warcraft 3 competitively under the alias “Psyko.”

“To all the TSM fans, I hope that you can welcome me to your family and, to the ones that were already supporting me, I hope that you will understand my decision and you will still be standing by my side. And, let’s make it the best year.”

During the 2015 EU LCS Summer Split he maintained a staggering KDA of 14.87 and a WR of 92.3. He primarily used Alistar and Janna respectively

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