It’s been over four months since Gaming Paradise drew to a close, after weeks of tournament lineup changes leading up to the event, tournament cancellations and confusion over whether or not the event would even take place. What was supposed to be a multi-gaming event that would bring eSports fans together under one roof ended up being nothing short of a nightmare, for both the event coordinators and teams alike.

G2.Kinguin has come out to reveal that the problems only continue to persist in a press release made on their website:

“Today, we were informed by The Gaming Resorts – the company behind the Gaming Paradise event – that the outstanding prizes from the Counter-Strike tournament, which was won by our team while still playing for Kinguin earlier this year, “will probably not be paid.

The Gaming Resorts claims that the company holds no assets to cover losses, and as such, will automatically be declared bankrupt within the next three months. It adds that, even if the case goes to court, G2 and the other interested parties will not receive the prize money they are owed.”

Saša Bulić, owner of The Gaming Resorts, admitted that what G2.Kinguin had to say about the situation was, in fact, true. In a lengthy post made on their official Facebook page it was explained that the event’s failure largely had to do with their failed kickstarter, sponsors backing out of deals, and just a little too much optimism on their part.

Despite the event going down as one of the worst eSports tournaments in recent history, Saša expressed an interest in coming back for a round two if the company manages to pull out of its current financial debt.

“My only option, and the only thing left to do is to continue to be honest and ask the community to help us with donations, so we can at least pay the price pools for the players before the end. Players behaved professionally and they deserve to get paid.

So if you really wish to see the episode two of your favorite team burning in gaming hell, I suggest you help me raise funds to finance debts and start all over again.
This time I will certainly not go forward without the support of the community. Do your best as you did your worst before, and we can create a new chapter in this book of gaming history, and I can redeem my reputation.”

The Gaming Resorts has begun taking donations in another attempt at crowdfunding, but Saša has stated that they are already looking at bankruptcy options.

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