By now, Rainbow Six Siege has been out for almost a month. I’ve been utterly addicted to it, and have found a ton of little tips and tricks to help you out. Use these, and go forth in your quest to Siege the Day! This is the first part of five, focusing on each of the current national teams. Today will be the Russian Spetsnaz.


The first set of tips is for Glaz. As this operator, you are the guardian and the over watch for the team. When you first start your attacking round, it is your job to take out cameras at a distance. Be sure if you are going to play Glaz, you know where all cameras are on the exterior of maps. It is possible, and I’ve done it several times, to scan and spot enemies attacking me with a non-obvious camera. If Glaz is aware of these, he can let himself be the only one spotted and take them all out, so be aware of those not covering your initial spawn. From there, look at the windows. Some teams will look to get an early advantage on unsuspecting attackers. When the round begins, they may bash out a window and attempt to spot your team. If you are aware of what is happening in the windows, you can counter snipe and perhaps take out one or two defenders right away.

When the real attack starts, Glaz still needs to keep a distance. While still strong in short range, he is optimal at a distance. The red sight helps to be able to see into buildings better than any other operator, and makes him ideal for hanging head shots. Rappelling above a window and poking your head from the top is a great way to get kills and tip the scales in favor of your team. Other than that, long hallways are the next best thing. Waiting patiently for someone to poke their little noggin out and give them a nice breather holes is extremely satisfying and is easiest to perform with Glaz’s long range scope.

If however, you prefer close range combat, speed becomes your ally. As you have a semi-auto (but very very high powered) rifle, rounding a corner quickly while aiming down the sights will net you more kills than being very slow. Since you don’t have many rounds per clip, and your weapons aren’t automatic, the enemy has the upper hand with landing enough rounds to kill. Be smart and careful with Glaz, and remember to keep your distance.


Tachanka of the Spetsnaz is ideal for holding down bomb points and hostage areas. These tips will all require patience. With the 60 round powerful LMG, you can easily create a line of fire through drywall and wood walls which will leave the enemy vulnerable. I’d suggest always taking the deploy-able shield and placing it in front of you between you and wherever you think the enemy will be coming from. This provides a waist-up cover that you can still easily shoot around. I’ve gotten several kills with it by implementing this strategy.

Another strategy to implement is one of psychological tactics. While not nearly as useful, as it completely removes the use of your turret, you can set up your turret in a very obvious place and cause the enemy team to be very cautious of it. As the enemy slows down around it is when you make your move. Be quick, as they’re not going to be so slow for long. Place the turret in a pretty open area as it needs a lot of space, and be aware. The last bit for him is don’t be tied to it. Its an aid, not a crutch. Let other players use the turret, as well.


Of all the Spetsnaz, Kapkan is the most versitile, and has the most potential for suprise attacks. This is due to his signiture Entry Denial Device. While very useful, there is a trick to using this device effectively. Most of the time people put it on doorways leading to the objective enterence. This is exactly where the enemy is most cautious and is most likely to look for the little laser that the device projects. However, if you are quick and move to high traffic enterences, you’re more likely to get kills with it. For example, putting the device at the entrance where the objective is. Some teams are just looking to get in and to the objective and are way less cautious when running into the building. Also, if you bash a hole in the wall they will be more worried about the hole and if there is a person on the other side than the base of the door. Try these and you just might get a kill or two more a round.

Another little trick to consider, although it is a rare kill, is to place it on an open door, and then sit on the same side, but out of the way. When the enemy moves oposite to destroy the trap, you can see them and kill them. This one has a very low success rate, but it does work.

Finally, try to pair your traps with another teammate’s deployable sheild. These depoloyable shields are great barriers and only a grenade or Thermite can destroy it, or if Ash wastes a breaching round. This is a way to hide the laser and when the vicim vaults over, they land on the tripwire and have no where to go.


Tip #1: NEVER USE FUZE IN THE HOSTAGE ROOM! The worst thing is when a random picks up Fuze and the game mode is Hostage Rescue. Many times in the earlier, low level games, the poor hostage has been killed by one of Fuze’s charges. Oh, and be sure to step back away from the door you just bombed, it could bounce back and kill you. This is the most important of today’s Tips and Tricks.

A major chance for a kill is if you see a ‘Castle barricade’, you’ve come across a gold mine. This is usually barricading an important room. It also means that if you start messing around outside of it, you can’t be shot through the barricade. Just leisurely place your charge, and when the time comes to pop, you can grab some kills. Another way to seek out uncontested breaching is to go above a marked bomb and pop through the roof, even if it isn’t a trap door. If the surface is semi-breakable, the Fuze charge can go through the 2×4 cross beams and still kill.

Finally, go with a shield on CQB maps like the airplane and training grounds. Have a laser sight on the pistol too, as that will give you the best hip fire accuracy.


In my opinion, the Russian Spetsnaz are the most difficult to play with well, but also the most rewarding to play correctly. When executed with a team, every one of them are a force to be reckoned with. On the same note, alone they are pretty weak. Good luck with them, let us know how this first ‘Tips – Spetsnaz’ works for you!

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