As you all may have noticed by walking into any large store by now, Christmas is on its way. Which also means that the end of the year is approaching. And while there may be a few big games still to come this year, I, for one, am looking ahead already and feeling hopeful about what is on its way for next year.

One thing that I’m really excited for is getting even more DLC for Mario Kart 8. While the franchise has always been pretty good, I feel like Mario Kart 8 is the best installment yet and that is, in part, due to the inclusion of DLC to allow the game to expand over time. And I am not just hoping that we will get more DLC; it’s been confirmed! Nintendo said: “For ‘Nintendo 3DS’ and ‘Wii U,’ in addition to maintaining the performance of already-released titles with strong sales potential, new titles will continue to be introduced in order to further expand the installed bases. Specifically, by sequentially introducing additional download content for blockbuster titles such as ‘Mario Kart 8’ and ‘Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U,’ we aim to keep these titles played more actively”

And because no one is content to just sit silently and wait, I did what a lot of game websites have done/will do and compiled my list of what I think Nintendo should do for DLC next year. So here goes…

First up, the Retro Pack. This will be a full DLC pack like the Zelda and Animal Crossing packs released this year. This pack will be focused on the earlier entries in the Super Mario Bros franchise. Not only will the nostalgia help sell the pack, but making these old games relevant again might lead to increased sales on the Virtual Console and I don’t see how Nintendo could want to pass on that.


The three characters included in the pack would be Spike, Birdo, and Wart. Spike, from SMB3, was already included as a playable character in Mario Party X so his inclusion here wouldn’t even be that much of a long shot. Birdo is one of the more frequently requested characters so that, as well, would not surprise anyone. And lastly, Wart, would be another heavy character in the game, and would just be a fun throwback to the frequently overlooked SMB2 game.

The two cups in this pack (which I’m calling the Tanooki Cup and the P-Wing Cup) would each contain four levels and overall would have 8 race tracks, each representing a different world in the Super Mario Bros. 3 game. The first would be a simple track in a grassy plain to represent the first world. Thrown in some flying goombas and chain chomps in the background for good measure, and possibly a coin ship as a little Easter egg and this track is set. The second would be a tribute to the Desert World and would start in a desert. The infamous evil sun from SMB3 would be present and occasionally swoop down to take out players. Halfway through the track the players would race into a large pyramid and finish the race inside it. The third track would be a water-based track and one major hazard would be avoiding Big Bertha who would attempt to swallow racers as they went by. A couple frog-suit wearing characters in the background would be welcome Easter eggs here. The first cup would then finish up with a Giant World inspired track which would have the players race around giant versions of pipes and question mark blocks, as well as aggressive obstacles like oversized koopas and giant, fireball shooting piranha plants.

The second cup would then carry on with a Sky-based track where the racers race on cloud tops, jumping from cloud to cloud as they go (reminiscent of the second half of world five.) The next track would be an icy track where the karts/bikes would handle differently due to the slippery “road” and the level would be riddled with ice blocks. Fire flower power-ups would be strewn about the level and while they could be used traditionally to attack other players, they could also be used to melt ice blocks, which could contain happy surprises like power-ups or coins, or could contain enemies like koopas or goombas. Some could also reveal a shortcut through the course. The third race in this cup would be a large pipe maze where the players race around, and across the tops of, a myriad of pipes. Eventually, they enter a large pipe and then come out in one of three separate course segments. Each of the segments is the same size and the players are distributed to them randomly meaning that the race could be different each time you race it and that you could come out alongside all the opponent racers, or you could be on a separate path entirely by yourself. Each of these would then lead back to the start of the track where a new lap would begin. The last track in this cup would be on a massive airship and would end trying to avoid Boom Booms and Hammer Bros.

And that’s just one DLC pack. Don’t drool too much yet, I’ve got two more!


Now aside from the two paid DLC packs last year was a free pack that added a few Mercedes vehicles to the game. In the spirit of continuity I have an idea for another free DLC pack for next year. It would not contain any new characters or new cups, but would add four new battle maps to the game. The one aspect of the game that feels very lackluster are the battle maps, which are just recycled version of some of the regular courses. To remedy this problem, I am proposing a pack of remade versions of the four battle maps from Mario Kart 64. Those were, arguably, the best battle maps in any of the Mario Kart games and would certainly bring new life to the battle mode in this game.

And since there’s really nothing else to say about that pack, I’ll move on to the second paid DLC pack. I’m calling this one the “Super Smash Pack” and for characters I would include Pikachu, Kirby, and King Dedede. That would be a light, medium, and heavy character so it would keep some balance to the roster, and would definitely appeal to the fans of the Pokemon and Kirby franchises. Plus, a lot of female gamers enjoy both of those franchises so giving them the option to play as either Kirby or Pikachu might create even more appeal for the game (not that it lacks appeal to gamers of any gender currently.)


Two more cups would be added with this pack as well. The first would be the “Master Ball Cup”. Each of the tracks here would be themed from a different Nintendo franchise to further play on peoples’ nostalgia and the growing interest of crossing over characters in Nintendo titles (Nintendo is beginning to acknowledge that fans want this and it is only logical to capitalize on that desire.) The first track would be through Viridian forest and could feature a myriad of pokemon in the background, some tall grass to obscure racer’s vision, and a swarm of angry Beedrills as a track obstacle. The next track would be based on Ocarina of Time‘s Death Mountain and would be a long downhill race. During the race the players would have to dodge and avoid falling rocks, rolling Gorons, and lesser obstacles like bombs and skulltulas. The third and fourth tracks would be based on Corneria and Brinstar. While neither Metroid or Star Fox have been included in Mario Kart prior, including these courses would open up the possibility of future inclusions, and would at least tap into the interest of two more large fan bases to help sell more copies of Mario Kart 8 and this DLC pack.

The second cup would have two tracks based on the Kirby franchise. The first beginning in the open plains of Green Greens and going into the Forest of Whispy Woods. The second, and more interesting track, would actually be a very long, straight course. There would be no turns or corners but would have a large amount of power-ups available for pickup. This would make the race more of a forward moving drag race/free-for-all battle. Some tweaking would need to occur on this track to make sure heavy characters didn’t immediately have a disadvantage due to their increased weight and decreased acceleration but I think it’s feasible. The last two slots in this cup I am leaving open for revisiting courses from previous Mario Kart games. Nintendo has included a lot of them so far but I am sure there are a few more good courses that could be included to create a really good experience.

And that’s my plan for the Mario Kart 8 DLC next year. Now, while I am not holding my breath on Nintendo somehow finding this article and making my dreams come true, I am hoping that maybe at least some of these character or track ideas make it into the game. At the very least, they really need to do something about those battle maps!

Thanks for reading and be sure that when actual DLC announcements are made next year, we will write about them and keep you completely informed. And if they do align with my suggestions, you can expect a lot of gloating and “I told you so”-spouting. You have been warned.

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