FBI SWAT Operators

Continuing with the series of tips and tricks for Rainbow Six Siege, today we’re focusing on the American FBI. These guys have simple, yet powerful gadgets. There is actually more strategy that goes into the individual operators than the gadgets they use. Lets look closer below.

Ash – Breaching Round
The most obvious, yet also the most unique uses of the FBI SWAT team. Ash has a 40mm breaching charge that can be fired from a grenade launcher tube and spins to embed itself in destroy-able walls and barricades. She is best paired with Glaz of the Spetsnaz, but also works with any operator that has an ACOG scope on their weapon and can get long range kills. I’ve seen a lot of players go with her as their primary operator because she is so versatile. The rifles she can equip are the G36C and R4-C. The G36C is best for close to medium engagements and is one of the best guns in the game. The only downfall of it, is that Ash also has an even better gun in the game in the R4-C. Longer range engagements are a better suit for this R4-C, which sports even higher damage output and is paired excellently with an ACOG scope. Head shots from places the enemy isn’t expecting is very easy with this operator. As always, be sure to equip an under barrel attachment of a fore grip, a compensator on the barrel, and never a laser sight.

As for tricks to utilizing Ash’s breaching round, there are a few situational instances where she can really turn the tide. As mentioned already, right at the beginning of a match she can open a long sight line for some quick kills by Glaz or another ACOG scope user. But, this is pretty obvious. What the enemy won’t be expecting is death from below. If you can position her beneath a known enemy positions in say, a corner, or if they are on top of a trap door, you can shoot it from below to blast it out of the way. This happens very rarely, and she is the only operator who can pull it off. Breach from below, and have Sledge or Thermite toss a grenade up for some real surprises. Breaching any semi-breakable floor works too, as you can breach beneath someone and shoot up through the floor supports.

Finally, you can really mess with the defending team by placing a breaching charge on a window, and then moving to another to fire a breaching charge. This causes a distraction, and the enemy has no idea where to look to see where you’re actually coming in from.


Thermite – Exothermic Charge
Breaching exactly where the enemy has just reinforced a wall is a great way to gain access, and sometimes the only way if they have done a good job fortifying their position. The more fortification usually means the more people are in the room defending as well. If you bring Thermite with as an attacker, you gain access to a lot of new zones that the enemy team has actively tried to prevent you from accessing. Also, because Thermite is the only operator who can breach these reinforced walls, the team should take care to help protect him. If a well-coordinated team barricades all walls and has a Castle barricading doors, it can be quite challenging to enter the room.

Similarly to Ash, if you equip the right stuff before entering the room, you can breach two walls at the same time, thus creating panic. Plus, if you have Ash, the two of you can create four points of entry at once, and really throw the defenders for a spin. Easy kills are easy! The biggest thing to be aware of however, is to never grenade the hostage room. If you choose grenades over extra breaching charges, be very careful you know what button they are so you don’t kill teammates, and be sure you know what is on the other side of where you’re throwing it. I’ve died to friendly explosives a few times, and never is it fun.


Castle – Bulletproof Barricades

One of the best defenders is Castle and his bulletproof barricades. These prevent all bullets from getting in the room, no matter how many rounds are sent down range. The only exception is a bullet from Glaz. Just like the Airplane windows, Glaz is the only operator who can penetrate and kill from the other end of them. Castle is perfect for staying inside the objective room and helping to defend, keeping an eye on high traffic areas and being alert for his barriers to be breached. For medium engagements, be sure to utilize his UMP 45 sub machine gun. In this particular case, I’d recommend against the M1014 shotgun, as I just don’t find it as useful when hunkered down in a room to defend. Try it, and see how you like it. A good tip too, is to watch under your barrier for feet. This is a good way to get a kill, or at least discourage the enemy from putting a breaching charge on the barrier, which is the only way to destroy it. Well, technically they can bash it 12 times, but you’ll be pretty aware they are doing it if you are even halfway paying attention.


Pulse – Heartbeat Sensor
This FBI SWAT team member is the best lurker hands down. If you like moving about quietly, using stealth to find the enemy team and get surprise kills, Pulse is your guy. He can move quickly and quietly and his Heartbeat Sensor helps to get a let up on enemies. Below, above, through walls, he can see everything for a limited distance. This makes him one of the best to lurk. If, however, you decide to not lurk, be very sure to call out to your friends exactly where you see the enemies via your heartbeat sensor, as it does not ping them on their screen.
When lurking, be sure that you run off with about 10 seconds left on the preparation phase, as that will let you get to somewhere out of the way. Rooms less traveled and out of the way, and even better on a different floor than the objective are best. This allows you to listen closely and determine when to make your move. Even when deciding to venture out, stay crouched, as this will let you sneak up on one or more and get the kills.


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