Is Microsoft on the edge of remaking the 2005 hit title? It certainly seems as though Microsoft is heading in that direction. A recent trademark filing (found by DualShockers) revealed that Microsoft has re-registered the name On January 13th.


Phantom Dust is a card based/action game that came out on the original Xbox back on March 15th, 2005. The game was long forgotten until Microsoft announced they would be rebooting the game into development for the Xbox One back at E3 2014. At which time, they showed attendees a brief trailer and then didn’t reveal any additional details.

Rumors began the the developer, Darkside Games, was facing a massive issue with development and that lead to Microsoft’s decision to pull the project from the team. Microsoft released a statement that the company was unable to meet the expectations.

Microsoft never said that the project was completely cancelled, but was stated it wasn’t active in development. Now that we are in 2016 and have seen this new Trademark, maybe this is the year Phantom Dust fans have been waiting for!


-Cory S. | @xboxcory


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