The first new Halo 5: Guardians update of the new year, Infinity’s Armory, has been detailed over at the Halo Waypoint.

The UNSC Infinity is the largest and most powerful vessel designed by the UNSC, so it’s only fitting that Infinity’s Armory, the first Halo 5: Guardians update of 2016, contains REQs worthy of its name. With Infinity’s Armory, step into new battlegrounds for both Arena and Warzone Assault, equip weapons that are both intimately familiar as well as completely alien, and outfit your Spartans with all-new armor sets and weapon skins from some of the more…interesting parts of the Halo Universe.

The new content is detailed below:

New Maps

Mode: Arena
Map: Riptide


Players will need to quickly learn the winding routes of steel and sand to excel in the weathered structures of Riptide. By controlling the top catwalks, Spartans can analyze, pinpoint, and track down the enemy’s location.”

Mode: Warzone Assault:
Map: Urban


Urban is one of Warzone Assault’s open maps with many sightlines. The Armory is a hard base to fight over due it being on top of the grassy hill. Get some good sharpshooters on the overpasses to get some height to help control the fight.

The Return of Halo 2’s Battle Rifle

Battle Rifle REQs


New Weapon REQs

New Armor Sets

Achilles Armor Set

New Assassinations

Stop Stabbing Yourself - Ultra Rare

Stop Stabbing Yourself – Ultra Rare

Wind Up - Rare

Wind Up – Rare

Content Update Notes


– New Arena map Riptide added
– New Warzone Assault map Urban added
– Over 50 new REQs including weapons, armor, emblems, and more have been added
– Modified color of Blue Team in multiplayer to improve Red vs Blue
– Increased Warzone REQ Leveling speed
– Increased Warzone weapon despawn time from 5 seconds to 20 seconds
– Fixed exploits on Overgrowth that allowed players to get out of normal map boundaries
– Fixed map holes on Recurve, Basin, and Deadlock
– Fixed issues with Trident that allowed players to shoot through certain walls
– Added Line of Sight toggle option for use in custom games, such as Octagon
– The option to change teams has been added to the pause menu in custom games


– Fixed “fast fall” and “slide boost” exploits
– Reduced the zoom time of the SPNKr Rocket Launchers
– Increased brightness of the Classic BR scope
– Reduced melee damage while boarding Wraiths and Scorpions
– Sword of the Faithful Beam Rifle now kills with a headshot
– Fixed issue where Maintain Sprint being toggled off didn’t allow players to slide when sprinting

User Interface:

– Spartan Rank Progress now appears under all players’ nameplate
– Active Roster updated to show whether or not friends are joinable and/or can be spectated
– Rarity is displayed for REQs in Spartan HUB Customization
– Players can now see equipped customization items from Spartan Appearance, Spartan ID, and Weapon Skins rather than going to each individual menu screen


– Bounding box preview when navigating through objects in palette menu
– “Delete all objects” button added to map properties (fire team leader only)
– “Reset map properties” button added to map properties (fire team leader only
– New Objects


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