Sony and Capcom announced today that a series of new special-edition PlayStation 4 systems would be released for Japan. They would all be themed around their upcoming Street Fighter V, which will be PlayStation 4 exclusive (also on PC). You can click through the image gallery above to get a closer look at the consoles and covers.

The four different versions come in black and white. There will etchings of fan favorites, such as Chun-li, Laura, Ryu, and Necalli are featured on the consoles. Also, a stand alone, white system with just the Street Fighter logo will also be available. These systems will come with a custom PlayStation 4 theme and sleeve designed by Yusuke Murata.

The consoles will cost ¥37,480 ($320) each, however, none of these will come with a copy of Street Fighter V. They go on sale February 18th alongside the game in Japan; there is no word yet on if they are also coming to the west.

In other Street Fighter news, Capcom also recently released updates for its Street Fighter V beta which included data of new alternative costumes for some characters. Players have since datamined the updates and discovered several new character costumes. As shared on Reddit, YouTube user rKappasvoice has compiled a video showcasing each of the new costumes in action. The footage can be viewed below.

Most of these outfits are pretty badass and includes a couple of killer beards sported by Ryu and Dualism. The video also included the exclusive pre-order Battle Costume outfits for Chun-Li and Ryu. Players can obtain Chun-Li’s Battle Costume by pre-ordering the game on the PlayStation Store or on PC. Ryu’s Battle Costume by pre-ordering at GameStop.

Street Fighter V launches on February 16th in North America/Europe and February 18th In Japan (along with those new consoles) for PlayStation 4 and PC. The game will also allow for cross-play between both platforms. Stay Tuned here at Gamer Assault Weekly for all your Street Fighter V news, and for, of course, all your gaming needs.

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