The upcoming January patch for open-world racer, The Crew: Wild Run, adds a whole list of new features, including Speed Trap challenge, monthly bonus rewards, and the ever popular photo mode (who doesn’t want to take an extended look at those beautiful next-gen graphics?).


Speed Trap challenge will be a new game feature introduced during “The Summit” on January 25. During these challenges, players will need to find the best course through a map to pass through radar points as fast as possible. Final scores are calculated by a players average speed through all of the respective radar points.

The monthly reward bonus is tied to how players perform during “The Summit” Participation qualifiers throughout the month, and can further players chances of earning an exclusive vehicle.
For those players who finish with a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum medal during these qualifiers, a +5% bonus will be added to the base 10% chance they already have of earning the exclusive vehicle.

If a player finishes one qualifier during the month and earns any of the four medals, they will have a 15% chance of winning the exclusive vehicle. If a player finishes TWO qualifier races with a medal, they will have a 20% chance of winning the vehicle (base 10% chance + 5% + 5%). Regardless of the medal, the bonus remains at +5%.

The complete list of features for photo mode are as follows:

Freeze the game and everything else around you at any time while in FreeDrive.
The “freeze”, when used in multiplayer, will not freeze other players. They will continue to be able play normally while other players are in photo mode.
“Once triggered, you’ll have access to several settings, allowing you to get that perfect shot with options such as motion blur, exposure, brightness, saturation, and more.”
Ability to change weather and time of day, and to add mud or damage to your vehicle.

For those who want a preview of what The Crew: Wild Run’s photo mode can do, there is nice gallery of example shots that can be found here.


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