While at PAX South I had the pleasure of sitting down with Andrew McKerrow, Producer at Kasedo Games, who was willing to show me a wonderful game called Upwards, Lonely Robot. Right from the start menu I knew this game was going to be something special. The music had me entranced with its soft, melodic, almost gloomy tones.

At its core, Upwards, Lonely Robot is a Puzzle Platformer with all types of dangerous obstacles. A 3-D tower lets our melancholy hero circle through many different platforms and around baddies, however, the ultimate direction you are moving is upwards, duh? ULR has an endearing sci-fi storyline “told through the short messages you receive from your creator” as he attempts to fix this experiment gone terribly wrong.

Each tower climbed unlocks just a tad bit more behind the mystery of your creation and with massive amount of finger-twisting jumps and vicious lil’ baddies, like wasps and snails, it is not an easy task. Although that might not sound hard, so let me not forget what makes this game even more challenging. Players have to complete each level with an challenging countdown timer, which as the game goes on, becomes less and less time. Since there is no ‘life bar’ to speak of, guess what happens when you get hit? Exactly! It depletes from your already shortened time bar. The creepy crawlies aren’t your only threat to not making it to the top, cleverly placed spiked floors and breakable platforms will stop you just as easily and waste your time. Don’t worry dear gamer, there IS a way to replenish your energy/time. Pieces of fruit will fall from the above tree and you can eat that. Why does a robot eat fruit? Stop questioning, It’s sci-fi!

Upwards_Lonely_Robot (2)

As challenging as the game is, every single time I lost/died somehow I didn’t blame the game. It has this “you know its not the game, its you” feeling. While playing I know it was my fault that I lost a match/level. You think to yourself “If only I was quick enough for evasion or picked up that last piece of fruit I passed it would have been ok!”

Upwards, Lonely Robot combines the addictive phrasing “just one more” (of which I said many times while Andrew showed me the game) with a quirky, magical art, detail, and background, and an endearing, cryptic story. With about 75 levels to go through this game becomes ever more challenging. Upwards, Lonely Robot will also feature a local and online competitive 2-player mode that is just as addictive as the single player. We spent most of our time playing this mode and I fell in love. You can challenge your friends and see who can reach the top first, play in a never-ending mode to see who lasts the longest, or compare times on the global leaderboards.

Upwards, Lonely Robot will be launching later this year on Steam. Check out the Steam Page here. Stay Tuned here at Gamer Assault Weekly for any updates on this little masterpiece, and for, of course, all your gaming needs.

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