Perfect World was at PAX South 2016 this past weekend and I was able to sit down with Alex Monney, Communications Manager, and his cohorts from Tuque Games, Jeff Hattem, Creative Director and Executive Producer, and Kevin Neibert, Lead Game Designer, and play their upcoming cooperative top-down shooter, Livelock.  In Livelock players must work together to break the cycle of infinite war between humans and machines. As one of “The Few”, players will need quick reaction time and decision-making skills to overcome the massive amounts of chaos happening in the game.

While there will be three distinct classes at release, we were only privy to Hex, the smart-mouthed, trash-talking, lone-wolf of the bunch. You can take on hordes of enemies without having to worry about backup. Hex is powerful and agile letting you strategically attack while being able to evade. He has a multitude of weapons that can be upgraded to cause a whole mess of damage, the devopler says, “It’s all about learning your weapons, learning your tool kit, and when to strategically use them.”

All of your stats and weapons are fully upgradeable. When you start off the game you’ll only have one main weapon and one special ability but overtime you level you gains something new; a new tool, weapon, ability, etc. “By level 13 you have your entire toolbox, so then later levels will let you further customize your character.” This makes playing past level 13 not so tedious. Since all of your tools are customizable that makes even playing with the same guy on co-op, like Hex, different. My Hex is different than your Hex. The end of the levels they show off your kill count, so even though you are playing as a team it is still a fun little competition. Livelock is advertised as a co-op multiplayer game but still travels well as a single player (which would be much more difficult but still fun).
Livelock also has an interesting, ever-changing terrain so your fighters can actually shoot in a multitude of directions including up or down on areas with raised platforming. Aesthetically the game is gorgeous. The color in the game is fantastic and very lively. While playing there was more than one time I was distracted by the details in the environment and ended up dying. You can take a look a the game in the images below.

Key Features

    Playable with up to three players via online or local multiplayer, Livelock brings fast-paced action with an arsenal of dynamic abilities and firepower.
    Each Node of enemies brings their own unique challenges to the fight. Quick decisions and even quicker reactions will be necessary to fight the army of enemies ahead.
    Features three different classes with unique personalities and arsenals to match them.
    Co-created with Robopocalypse author Daniel H. Wilson, Livelock tells the story of a post-human world sent into an infinite war following a cataclysmic gamma ray burst.

Livelock is slated to be released this year, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $19.99. Stay Tuned to Gamer Assault Weekly for updates on Livelock and all your gaming needs

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