As a kid, I loved going to the computer lab. I was great with computers, so this time meant that I could rush through my work and then hop on Newgrounds or AddictingGames and start up Onslaught, Bloons, or Gemcraft. Its been about ten years since I’ve played one of these types of games though. Tower Defense games just didn’t really seem to transition well to consoles or as standalone games. Without realizing it, I glanced over part of my childhood fun and moved on to ‘big boy’ games. Infinium Strike from Codex Worlds Corp. however, has brought me back. Taking my childhood love, adding new mechanics, and a major new level of difficulty, I’m hooked again!

While Infinium Strike does closely resemble a Tower Defense genre game, there is a bit of Real Time Strategy thrown in for good measure. Traditional Tower Defense games are relatively linear. You know exactly which direction the enemies are coming from, the path is pre-defined, and the turrets fire during the entire game. This is where Infinium Strike differs; the game has four different lanes of attack and not all lanes can be seen at the same time giving the game a new level of urgency. Having multiple lanes of high intensity traffic is difficult and fun.


At the onset, Infinium Strike is a cool, futuristic looking game boasting beautifully colored environments. The art direction and audio falls in line with what one would expect from a game set in space boasting bright neon colors and techno/EDM style music. Not only that but the weapons shot from your ship look unique and each gun that fires has a distinct sound.

While the game does not include a mulitplayer aspect as of now players can still get a lot of playtime out of the game. As you progress through the story the difficulty of the game sways and ebbs. The increase in difficulty is not just to challenge players but to make players think strategically and focus on their ability to manage the various aspects of the game. For example, level 10 is not necessarily going to be harder than level 6 but it does require better decision making.


Overall, this game is quite enjoyable. From beginning to end, its a fun and engaging ride, challenging the player but also giving them a beautiful experience. The graphics are colorful and the mechanics are sound. While it has a medium learning curve that continues to challenge, I recommend giving it a try.

Developer: Codex Worlds Corp.
Genre: Space Tactical Tower Defense
Platforms: PC and Xbox One
Website: Infinium Strike

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Bobby C
Director, Editorial/Reviews

Bobby C is a veteran FPS and adventure gamer, starting with the NES and Super Mario Bros. The game that really started his love for the FPS Genre was Goldeneye for the N64. Since then, the love grew. From casual, to semi-pro COD with Modern Warfare 2 and 3, and back to casual, it’s a bad week when there isn’t at least 15 hours of games played.