Ever since most people reading this have dreamed of being the very best, Pokémon has long sold the dream of living in a world filled with collectible monsters that love to battle and be our friends. The Pokémon Company’s upcoming Pokémon Go might not be the ‘traditional’ Pokémon game, but it will most likely be the closest that anyone is going to get to being a real-world Pokémon trainer. This video was leaked from the SxSW convention which explains a little more about the game.

Fans will be able interact virtually with the real world using their Android or iOS device. Using your phone’s own GPS data, the game puts an overlay on top of your surroundings. In Pokémon Go, Pokémon will pop up in the world around you, and you have to travel (walk, roller-skate, bicycle, etc.) to their “location” (or their GPS coordinates) to interact with them. In a clever but obvious twist, Pokémon are only available in some locations, depending on their type. So for example, a water-type creature might only be located near ponds and other bodies of water. You won’t find a Magikarp in the middle of Times Square. This will make people go out and travel to mountains, or ponds, and get outside and see the world. You capture them by throwing Poké Balls at them, virtually of course, and add them to your collection. You can replenish your stock of balls by visiting special places on your map, which have been designated as PokéStops. Those locations also have ‘eggs’ in them, which will hatch automatically after walking a specified number of steps. You can also evolve some of your characters by capturing them in multiple spots.

What Pokémon game wouldn’t be complete without gyms? While you won’t have to actually join one physically, players can join one of three online gyms, and participate in larger-scale battles (sort of like that one in the original trailer battling Mewtwo). There are pre-designed, high-priority locations that are designated as gyms. When you travel to one you can assign one of your Pokémon to defend it. You’ll need to try and coordinate with your fellow gym members to hold these locations, since the other two teams (gyms) will be fighting to take over.

Pokémon Go is going through a field test in Japan soon, and it’s planned for a worldwide release later this year. No official release date has been announce but stay tuned to Gamer Assault Weekly for more information as it is released, and for all your gaming needs.


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