Choosing an overall theme this month felt like more of a challenge than usual. The idea did pop up a few times to just go with ‘ games I got for my birthday that I liked ‘ but that felt just a tad narcissistic. As time ticked down, madness set in and the inspiration well had all but dried up. Approaching the wire that is my due date, the topic finally smacked me across the face, and much like it did with all my high school assignments everything came together at the very last minute. So without any more procrastination below are some games that I have spent extensive time with recently that are well worth their price points.

DMC: Devil May Cry (Current Generation, Last Generation, PC)

Devil May Cry used to seem like the most devilishly hard game I had ever played when I was younger. The game bounced around with a pacing my little brain couldn’t even comprehend at that time, now thanks to years of insomnia and a coffee addiction I can finally pull off combos without wondering how I ended up on the other side of the room. The newest installment into the Devil May Cry series takes us all the way back to the beginning as sort of an origins tale for both Dante and Virgil. Virgil was already pretty savvy as to what was going on but helps Dante find out why his memory seems to be gone prior to age seven, what really happened to his family, and more importantly who Dante himself really is. So far it is all coming together in a fantastic fashion, so much so that the more I talk about it I want to stop typing and go play it! You can grab the game now for only ten dollars on older consoles, and as low as twenty on current gen consoles and PC.


Ben and Ed (PC)

The idea of some sort of Zombie reality show that makes zombies do an obstacle course really wouldn’t surprise me. I mean were a zombie outbreak to actually happen i’m sure some money hungry moron would attempt this in a heart beat. In Ben and Ed’s case the  money hungry moron has taken Ben from his zombie friend Ed. Ed is then tasked with completing the show’s trials and tribulations in the seemingly vain task to try to get him back. It was never really made clear to me in my time with the game if he can actually get Ben back or if Ed’s captor was just blowing smoke up his ass to make him compete. I will say though Ben and Ed’s system works really well. The tracks a generally fun to complete, watching Ed get his head cut off by an ill timed axe is enjoyable the whole thing just clicks. The price point isn’t too scary either for only ten bucks on Steam you can try your hand and saving Ben.


Lords of The Fallen (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Lords of the Fallen is a special kind of game. It simultaneously  wows with it’s fast paced and intense combat that makes the player feel really pleased when they win a fight. On the other hand there were several times where I heard my controller cracking from my hands squeezing it too hard in frustration. Lords of the Fallen takes the Dark Souls approach by brutally beating down a player until they figure out the tiniest little inkling of what they were doing wrong so they can attempt once more to fix it. For example I was stuck in the first area for close to two hours before I was actually able to beat all the enemies and figure out where the stupid key was so I can move on. I enjoyed those two hours for the most part but later on it gets really tedious try to figure out what exactly I need to do to move on and not have to fight the same hallway of enemies for the ninth time. Case in point right now I have not picked the game up because I am on the third Fallen boss fight and I have no earthly idea how to beat this boss. I can eviscerate the first quarter of his health just fine, but then he starts spawning in enemies that if you don’t kill them before they hatch will wreck you in a few hits. I’ve heard my character type has a special ability that makes the fight really simple however the game is completely silent about helping the player in any way.  I still don’t think I actually spent my skill points because it wasn’t clear on how to do it or how much it takes to unlock anything. To sum this all up if you are a masochist like me get this game for free on your Xbox One at the time of this writing or spend the twenty bucks to go buy it on another console.


Dark Ocean (PC)

Dark Ocean is a game that I think just sort of fell off the face of gaming and was abandoned halfway through development because for a while I couldn’t find the game anywhere. There was no news, no release date, nothing until I finally found the game’s website. Thankfully they let you still download the demo to the game from there. It may actually be the full release, I just haven’t sat down and played for more than forty five minutes yet. Dark Ocean takes an interesting concept and implements it quite well. What I had the chance to play was on a freighter ship level, the crew had been inexplicably infected with some sort of virus that made them all change in to vampires. Curiouser yet is that the vampires are only susceptible to fire (which I call BS on any hunter knows you behead a vampire to kill it) this is implemented quite well with the use of a gas gun and a flare gun having to be used in combination against some enemy types. What the game gives up graphically it seems to make up for in terms of story and game play. Follow the download link and try it out for yourself.

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Pick of the Month: Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC)

The game I would recommend splurging on this month is one I sadly only got to spend an hour with. But what an hour it was with Rise of the Tomb Raider. It started off as a friend just needing help with a chase sequence involving one of the biggest, most terrifying bears I have ever chased by. Soon after that I was climbing walls and finding my way through caverns in one of the most enriching sequences in gaming. Grab the game online for as low as forty five dollars or for just a few bucks more venture in to a game store and grab a copy.


It came down to the wire but I did it lads and.. uh lasses? The games above are all well worth their prices and I hope you give at least one of them a chance. Even if it is just to see if Lords of the Fallen really is that hard. Which, yes it is. Seriously I broke the thumb stick to my controller. I can’t sit in a menu or scroll through Netflix without that thing flipping out and scrolling all over the gaff, making me pick stuff  I don’t want. Heaven forbid I’m playing The Division and that starts wigging out having my character press his face in to walls, humping cars, (belches) looks ridiculous.

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