Platinum Game’s newest WiiU title Star Fox Zero has a new trailer out by Nintendo, showing off the player’s ability to transform into specialized vehicles in order to complete levels in a new way.

Though the game begins with the Star Fox crew in their classic Arwings, the video continues by showing off several vehicles, such as the Walker, the Gyrowing, and even the Landmaster. Combat with each vehicle looks fast paced and epic as you transform between land and air (so long as your boost meter allows it!) and utilize the WiiU gamepad controls to get a cockpit view of the action.

Nintendo confirmed Star Fox Zero‘s release date for North America on April 21st and Europe on April 22nd. The Star Fox themed minigame, Project Guard, has also been revealed to be a standalone project. Project Guard will feature Grippy Toad, the uncle of Slippy. Both titles will be bundled for a retail price of $60, or separately via digital download with Project Guard being $15 and the main game being $50.


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