Brand new footage for the immensely anticipated horror game Outlast II, due out this fall, has finally surfaced! Featuring a farm level full of psychopaths chasing the unnamed new character, the trailer below also shows off the new features fans of the original will appreciate. Joining the usual hiding avenues are the ability to submerge yourself in water, which brings a whole new level for fear, imagine resurfacing just to see one of the assailants face to face with you. Also new to the game is the ability to slide into a barrel and close the lid to temporarily conceal yourself.


It is unclear as to why the people hunting the main character are chasing him, or how they ended up in a cornfield, but it is devilishly apparent that the change in scenery has not diminished the factors that make Outlast a truly horrifying experience. The general noise factor that rustling corn brings to the table is a factor in the chase scene as shown by how often the character changes direction to avoid detection by the abundance of people hunting him. The gore is still prominent as the opening of the gameplay trailer shows brief glimpses of a man playing with the innards of a slain person on the floor. Check out the trailer below and look out for Outlast II this fall.

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