Exploration and survival are your major tasks as you craft, build, and potentially fight your way to maintain living in the Martian wasteland of Rokh, by Darewise Entertainment. At PAX East, it seemed like “Survival” was a theme of several games. However, none were as standout as this one, which was featured by Kickstarter and launches for funding on May 5th. Kickstarter only features things they truly believe in; there’s a reason Rokh was featured. In just a few months, former Assassin’s Creed and Age of Conan employees and other gaming industry veterans have built everything that is there now from scratch.


Staying alive is a very real problem in Rokh. Taking real data from NASA about the terrain of Mars, the environment is beautiful and accurate, a desolate, red, dusty area. Initial observation reminds me of sightseeing some new beautiful landmark, and just staring in awe. I’ve never seen Mars obviously, but it was everything I imagined from movies and pictures from the rovers. As my tour guide panned around the world, I was struck by several panels that appeared to be roughly in the shape of a domicile, but was missing several dozen panels to make it enclosed. It turns out the goal in the demo is to make the broken structure whole so that you can survive, as oxygen has become the number one commodity in life. The entire game is intended to be very real-life-based, but not a true simulator. This means that if you’re in combat with a person and they cut your suit, oxygen will begin leaking out and you could run into issues with your supply until you patch the hole. In addition, if something penetrates your helmet, you could patch it temporarily but long term will need a full new helmet crafted.

Once the habitat is built and oxygen sealed in, your work is not done. Further crafting becomes available, with hunting for resources becoming a necessity. But, you don’t just craft a new item out of the blue, you need to first collect and/or craft each of the underlying resources. If you need a bit more resources than there are available, there are 150 square miles of terrain to cover to find what you need. According to the developers, it would take between 5 and 6 hours to cross the entire thing. And, to make it even better, they’ve found a way to optimize code so that there is no load time as you move around the world. They demonstrated sprinting toward a far off mountain, and dropping a pretty far distance with absolutely no lag, clipping, or screen tearing. In just about every way I saw, Rokh is a visually stunning game.

This interview was a bit unique, and with me having a development background I greatly enjoyed the slightly more technical details discussed. We discussed a bit about the code aspects that went into the game so far, and they have decided to focus on the integrity of the code rather than fully fleshing out the 3D so far. This is huge for video games, as the temptation is to focus on making it look good, as that is what is public facing. It was also clear that there was a lot of thought that went into the overall planning, as the team seemed to know a very solid road-map of where they would like to take the direction of Rokh. They are utilizing the Unreal Engine 4.


Early access to the Rokh will start in September after a Kickstarter campaign beginning on May 5th. The trailer of what is intended is aboce, but it is all CGI and not a true depiction of in-engine game content. Even still, the intended trailer details look incredibly deep and exciting.

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