At PAX East 2016, Ubisoft has officially announced the new DLC for Rainbow Six Siege — “Operation Dust Line”

This DLC adds 2 new operators from the Counter Terrorist Unit of the US Navy Seals, and introduces 1 new map for free to all players of the game. To unlock a week before the general public, the Season Pass must be purchased. Once one week has passed from initial release, both operators will be available for purchase via 25,000 in game currency.

New operators Valkyrie and Blackbeard

The main image depicts dusty, sand covered asphalt and it was announced that the settings will be in the Middle East. This brings a warmer climate and will offer “more chaotic gameplay” as stated by Community Developer Justin Krueger. The names of the operators are “Valkyrie”, a woman sporting a sleeve tattoo, and Blackbeard with a beard to suit the name. Valkyrie has new gadgets in the form of a deploy-able sticky camera which can be used outside as well as in. She fills the defense role of the two operators.

Blackbeard, with his new tactical armor rifle shield is meant to be a point man for his team. He is also shown sporting a Desert Eagle .50 caliber pistol, and it was confirmed that these operators will be released to players with the season pass on the week of May 9. Paradise restated that the goal of Rainbow Six Siege is to have new DLC every 3 months. More info is teased during the ESL PC Finals on May 7th, when a live demo of Season 2 will be played on stage.

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