During PAX East, Harmonix revealed the future of Rock Band 4. 

Several new features were announcing including synchronous online multiplayer which has been a feature players have been waiting for. The online multiplayer will be available this holiday season but an exact date was not released.

Additionally, Harmonix revealed that the game will be receiving it’s first expansion this fall. The expansion will include new features like music library improvements, ability to filter by genre and rate songs. More information about the expansion will be revealed at E3. Currently there is no price point for the expansion.

Harmonix also revealed that PDP will be releasing an Xbox One adapter for Rock Band 4 which will also release in the fall. A price point for the adapter was not released but it will allow the console to support the popular Iron Drums.

With these announcements Harmonix did confirm that there will not be a Rock Band 5. The developer does plan to support Rock Band 4 for some time through a series of expansions, updates, and DLC. The developer did confirm the DLC song available for the game this week which will include:

  • The Romantics — “What I Like About You”
  • Lamb of God – “Redneck”
  • Weezer — “Dope Nose”

Take a look at the new Synchronous Online Multiplayer in the trailer below.



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