Bethesda has confirmed that Dishonored 2, the sequel to Arkane Studios sleeper hit from 2013, will arrive for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 11th.

The world premiere of Dishonored 2’s gameplay will take place during Bethesda’s 2016 E3 Showcase. The event will be held in Los Angeles, California, and will be available for stream around the world beginning at 7pm PST on June 12.

“Reprise your role as a supernatural assassin in Dishonored 2,” reads Bethesda’s press release.

“Play your way in a world where mysticism and industry collide. Will you choose to play as Empress Emily Kaldwin or the royal protector, Corvo Attano?

“Will you make your way through the game unseen, make full use of its brutal combat system, or use a blend of both? How will you combine your character’s unique set of powers, weapons and gadgets to eliminate your enemies? The story responds to your choices, leading to intriguing outcomes, as you play through each of the game’s hand-crafted missions.”

Dishonored 2 was revealed at E3 2015 and as the press release states, players will be able to play as either Corvo Attano, the protagonist from the original Dishonored, or his daughter Emily Kaldwin.

Corvo will once again have the ability to blink while his daughter Emily has her own unique tendril ability which she can use to grapple around the environment. Like Corvo, Emily also wields a crossbow and is an expert in sword combat.

Dishonored 2 takes place in Karnaca, the city where Corvo was born. The trailer above is narrated by The Outsider, a mysterious and shadowy figure who bestowed Corvo with his supernatural powers in the original game and who will be featured in Dishonored 2. He is likely tied to Emily’s abilities as well.


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