Heroes of the Storm Australia and New Zealand Summer Championship kicks off tomorrow and 11AM AEST, featuring four teams battling it out for a piece of a $20,000 prize and the chance to see themselves competing again on June 18th in Jonkoping, Sweden.


Fusion, Gust in 5, Negative Synergy, and Tusis will be competing in a best-of-three double elimination bracket to be shown on live stream via the Blizz Heroes Twitch Channel. As previously stated, the winner will receive a $20,000 prize as well as the rights to move on to the world stage in Sweden for a $500,000 price.

Heroes of the Storm also sees a new hero come into play. Chromie the Bronze Dragon will be playable next week, and enters the game in her gnome form. As a Keeper of Time, Chromie’s abilities will be time oriented.


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