Smite‘s 3.9 patch is to see some character overhaul as well as a new event according to the games patch notes.

Rataoskr received the most reworking, focusing on two specific aspects. His Dart ability is no longer immediately usable after hitting a an enemy you haven’t used the ability on before, rather it is on a cool down now. The cool down can be reduced by hitting opposing gods with other abilities. His second change revolves around his AOE move ‘Flurry’. Previously it damaged those in its area, as well as followed Ratatoskr, but now reduces the physical protection of those hit, and no longer follows the character. His last change revolves around Acorn Blast, which will now do increased damage to enemies hit multiple times, as well as stunning those who are hit by all three acorns.

The update will also feature new skins that are all viking-themed, all of which are a part of the Viking Invasion event. The Viking Invasion quest line has also been introduced, and will include two limited skins for Chaac and Kali, bonus Favor, and two Viking Chests, each to include a guaranteed skin for a Norse god. Below are just some of the good coming with the Viking Invasion.

Viking Invasion Bundle

  • Einherjar Chaac (Required to unlock Storm Jarl Chaac)
  • Valkalli Kali (Required to unlock Blood Jarl Kali)
  • Access to embark on the Viking Invasion Questline!
  • Viking Stein Ward
  • Viking Altar Pedestal
  • Viking Invasion Loading Frame
  • Ymir Announcer Pack
  • Norse Seafarer Music Theme

Unlock all of the following throughout the Viking Invasion Questline

  • Limited Chaac Storm Jarl and Kali Blood Jarl Skins
  • Bonus Favor Rewards
  • Two Viking Chests
    • These chests will contain a guaranteed Norse God Skin.

OS X support will also be included in the new patch, though it has recently been in beta. Complete notes for the patch can be seen here.


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