Tyler “TeePee” Polchow has announced that he is officially retiring from competitive Call of Duty, ending his career of six years.

The decision to step away from the scene comes just a couple of days after Luminosity Gaming removed him to a substitute position from the starting lineup. TeePee joined the roster back in April and made it clear that he was not approached by the team or given any sort of warning before they made the announcement on Monday to replace him with Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler.

TeePee first joined the scene back in 2010 as a part of LeveraGe’s roster for Modern Warfare 2. After a short break during Modern Warfare 3, he remained with the team as they were picked by Quantic and, later, compLexity Gaming. When the roster finally disbanded under the Evil Geniuses name, officially ending their reign as the most successful Call of Duty team in history, TeePee signed with OpTic Nation in time for the MLG Columbus Open. It wasn’t long until he left for Team EnVyUs following a series of poor performances, which is left in June of 2015 for TCM-Gaming only to return in November.

Despite being known as a successful figure in competitive Call of Duty, TeePee admitted in his announcement that his love for the game has faltered in recent years.

“This has been fueled by a complex combination of poor results, horrible team chemistry, blatant disrespect, and many empty promises made by different people in the community that I simply do not wish to be a part of anymore,” he explained, “I have tried my hardest for all of these years to not complain, not put anybody down and be a good role-model and teammate for the many people that are involved with CoD E-sports and hopefully that didn’t go unnoticed.”

TeePee went on to explain that his decision isn’t due to a lack of confidence in his skills or his ability to handle the mental stresses that come with competitive gaming, but it’s due to a lack of willpower to deal with the industry as a player.

“I believe that I can be much more of an asset to the E-sports community in some other way besides competing and now is the time to figure out what the next step is going to be for me. Hopefully I will be able to transition into another role that can help our community continue to grow because there is still a long way to go for us.”

Despite leaving with a sour taste in his mouth, he has expressed an interest in making a return to the scene as a caster and assures fans that he will try to stick around.

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