Following the Rise of Iron title being trademarked, Bungie released a teaser trailer for their June 9th live reveal. Whether to raise interest, or just an honest mistake, Microsoft revealed the September 20th release date along with some of the synopsis.

Though the posting was immediately taken down, this did not stop a further leak of the Rise of Iron trailer on Snapchat by Reddit user RiseofIronLeaker.

The new trailer has released a number of details, most noticeably the new storyline for the DLC. In order to recieve the new expansion, players must have already owned The Taken King. Pre-orders of Rise of Iron include ownership of a black of version of the Gjallarhorn the rocket launcher. The expansion itself will include new quests, armor, gear, and the new social space known as “The Plaguelands Zone.”

Bungie’s official livestream will drop at 10am PST/ 1 PM EST, with more details and gameplay to be revealed.


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