Almost four months after acquiring Manuel “Fury” Medina, Gale Force eSports has made the decision to cut their tank from the Heroes of the Storm lineup.

The announcement was first made on Twitter by the player himself, which he later elaborated on in a TwitLonger post and claimed that the release of his contract was for “Complete bulls***” reasons. He explained that the organization decided that his girlfriend was too problematic for the team, something he vehemently disagreed with.

“I perform so well for tournaments and I even give all my effort into scrims and when I’m not practicing with the team I still continue playing Heroes,” Fury said in his post, “Not once has my gf been an issue or a distraction to my performance or the way I play so this feels really shady to kick me because of her when I still perform the best while being in a relationship.”

The team allegedly felt that his relationship would be dangerous for his career, that his performance could take a dive should it end, but Fury was quick to point out that he wasn’t the only member of the team with a girlfriend.

“GFE has been memed into ” Girl force experience” meaning all of the players are in a relationship while playing eSports. If I was still performing very well for the team while being in a relationship then what’s the issue and why change the roster?”

Fury went on to say that he doesn’t believe that his girlfriend is the real issue, and that the organization is only using it as a cheap excuse to get rid of him without addressing problems that run a little deeper.

As emotionally-fueled as his claims may be, fans have agreed that it does seem somewhat bizarre that a player would be cut from the lineup when he has only improved since joining in March. Gale Force eSports has placed first in most of the tournaments they have competed in with Fury on the roster, including the 2016 ESL North America Summer Regional Championship and Divergent Gaming Open #20. They most recently made a disappointing placing in 9th-10th place at DreamHack All-Stars Summer 2016, but placed 3rd-4th at DreamHack All-Stars Austin.

Freddie “Mavnis” Crespo Jr, general manager of Gale Force eSports, had few words for the matter. “I know a lot of people may be confused and some are probably not,” he said on Twitter, “This was not an easy decision.”

Gale Force eSports has yet to release an official statement on the matter, but Mavnis promised to release his side of the story on TwitLonger in the near future.

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