Ramin “Mr. R” Delshad is now officially a free agent, according to a Twitter post made Wednesday morning.

The announcement ends his year and a half run with LowLandLions, which he joined in October of 2014. There is currently no word on which organization Mr. R will be joining next, should he choose to sign to a new team at all, but many fans suspect that this will be the Sheik main’s opportunity to make his entrance into big-name organizations like Evil Geniuses and Fnatic.

While he’s known for being one of the best Sheik players in Smash 4, and listed as 2nd on the Dutch Smash 4 Power Rankings, Mr. R is best recognized as one of the key components in the creation of the Sheik metagame. His most recent accomplishments include taking 7th place at Get On My Level 2016, and 1st at Battle Arena Melbourne 8.

Whether or not he will be picked up by a new sponsor in time, Mr. R confirmed that he will be attending Smash Factor in July.

LowLandLions has yet to comment on the departure of their Smasher, and it is unclear as to who may be replacing him. Currently the organizations only remaining Smash player is Jaap “Jeapie” van der Zee.

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